Karthik set the example, ‘Do not knocking on the door, Break the door’.

Karthik and dravid
Dravid’s new mantra with Kartik in front.

Dinesh Karthik is setting an example for Dravid. Especially for those cricketers who are knocking on the door of the Indian cricket team. The mantra of the Indian team coach Dravid is that to enter the national team you don’t just have to knock on the door you have to break down the door.

Karthik Brock the Door

What Karthik Did?

“I have told everyone in the team not to knock on the door,” Dravid told reporters after the series draw in Bangalore. “You have to break down the door. That is what Kartik did. His half-century in Rajkot is proof of that. Karthik has taken place in the team on his own merits” Dravid said. Dinesh Karthik played quite well against South Africa.
He made his first half-century in the series 16 years after his debut in T20 cricket for India. Karthik made his T20 debut for India against South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium on December 01, 2006.

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That was the ever T20 International match for India. Dinesh Karthik scored 31 runs for 28 balls and became the man of the match. Now he is seen in the role of a finisher in the Indian T20 team. Rahul Dravid, the coach of the team is also impressed by Karti. He said that Karthik has taken a place in the team on his performance.

Karthik in IPL

Karthik has played the role of finisher for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL this year. He has been selected on the national team for his good performance in IPL. Dravid said that Karthik has been included in the team for this very reason. “He has been included for Karthik’s special skills,” he said.

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In the IPL, Karthik proved again and again that he can finish the match in any situation. He has been doing this for the last two-three years. “It is good to see that he is proving his worth” Dravid said.

Not only Karthik

Karthik is not alone, his partner as a finisher in the Indian team is Hardik Pandya also. Dravid said that if these two cricketers play well, it is possible to score any run or set any target. “Their pair has been proved it in Rajkot,” he said. They are terrible in death overs. If they can play their rhythm in the last 5-6 overs then we can make big runs. They can change the colour of the game.”

After Ravi Shastri, Rahul Dravid has become the coach of the Indian cricket team. How was the experience of coming back to the dressing room?

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“The coaching job is very exciting,” Dravid said. “Having great fun. At the same time, the work is quite challenging. In eight months I got six captains. I did not have such a plan when I took over, “Dravid laughed.
How is that? Dravid said, “In fact, the number of games has increased a lot. Corona also has an effect. So I have to work with several captains. There is a fun in the matter. Many are getting the opportunity to lead. We can build many leaders at once.”

The captain of the Indian team is changing every few days. Have trouble working? “No,” said Dravid. We are trying to do better. We’ve been trying different people for the last eight months. The tour of South Africa was a bit disappointing for us in terms of Test cricket. But in white-ball cricket, our results are getting better. The character of the team is emerging.”

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The coach of the Indian team is very happy that one after another bowler has come up in Indian cricket. Dravid said, “We have got some talented bowlers in the IPL. The speed of some people is great. Many young people have the opportunity to prove their worth. Many are good. The whole thing is great for Indian cricket, too.”

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