What is the Story Behind Shubman Gill’s Jersey Number 77?

Shubman Gill. Pix Google
Shubman Gill. Pix Google

In the electrifying arena of the ongoing cricket World Cup, one name stands out for both cricket enthusiasts and casual viewers alike – Shubman Gill. Amidst the roaring cheers and nail-biting moments, Shubman has become a beacon of talent and intrigue, with his performances on the field leaving an indelible mark. However, beyond the sixes and fours, there’s a mystique surrounding the young Indian opener, particularly the enigma behind his choice of the jersey number 77.

Decoding Shubman’s Cricket Odyssey with the Lucky Number 77

As Shubman Gill continues to dazzle in the World Cup, fans are left intrigued by the number 77 adorning his jersey. This isn’t just a random choice; it holds a unique story that unfolded 1734 days ago when Shubman made his debut in one-day cricket for India.

The Debut and the Birth of 77

On January 31, 2019, Shubman Gill marked his entry into the world of international one-day cricket, proudly wearing the number 77 jersey. However, it wasn’t until 1734 days later that he decided to share the reason behind this specific jersey number.

Under-19 World Cup and the Quest for 7

Before making a name for himself in the senior Indian team, Shubman was part of the Under-19 squad in the 2018 World Cup. His journey began with a desire for the number 7 jersey, inspired by his cricket idol, Sachin Tendulkar. Unfortunately, the number was unavailable at the time, leading Shubman to add another 7, resulting in the birth of his lucky number 77.

The Cricketing Journey

Shubman Gill’s journey in cricket started with a profound admiration for Sachin Tendulkar, the maestro who ignited his passion for the sport. The young cricketer has been making waves, and his performances have caught the eye of not just fans but also cricketing legends.

In the world of Indian cricket, Shubman is often referred to as the “Prince of Indian Cricket,” a title that resonates with his elegant playing style and promising future in the game. His connection with the current captain, Virat Kohli, is evident, with Shubman affectionately calling Virat “King.”

FAQs: Shubman Gill wear jersey number 77.

Q1: Why does Shubman Gill wear the number 77 jersey?

A: Shubman Gill chose the number 77 jersey during his debut in one-day cricket for India on January 31, 2019. The origin of this choice dates back to his Under-19 days when he desired the number 7 jersey, inspired by Sachin Tendulkar. Unable to secure the number 7, he added another 7, resulting in his now iconic 77.

Q2: Who is Shubman Gill’s cricket idol?

A: Shubman Gill’s cricket idol is the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. His journey in cricket began after watching Sachin play, and the Little Master continues to be a significant source of inspiration for Shubman.

Q3: Why is Shubman referred to as the “Prince of Indian Cricket”?

A: Shubman Gill is often called the “Prince of Indian Cricket” due to his elegant playing style, promising talent, and his role as a young and impactful player in the Indian cricket scene.

Q4: What is Shubman Gill’s relationship with Virat Kohli?

A: Shubman Gill shares a special bond with Virat Kohli, often referring to him as “King.” The mutual respect and admiration between the two players are evident, with Shubman expressing Virat’s influence on his cricketing journey.

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As the cricket World Cup unfolds, Shubman Gill‘s story adds a layer of intrigue to the excitement on the field. From the origins of his jersey number to his cricketing influences, Shubman’s narrative continues to captivate fans, making him a key player to watch in the ongoing tournament. As he gears up to make his mark against Sri Lanka, the mystery behind the number 77 only adds to the anticipation surrounding Shubman’s journey in the cricketing world.

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