Sourav Ganguly said Virat Must Play in T20 World Cup

Sourav Ganguly. Pix: Google
Sourav Ganguly. Pix: Google

Virat Kohli’s absence from T20 cricket for the past 14 months has fueled speculations regarding his participation in the upcoming T20 World Cup for India. Sourav Ganguly recently shared his perspective on Kohli’s future at an event. When queried about Kohli’s potential presence in the T20 World Cup, Sourav emphatically responded, stating, “Of course. Great cricketer. Excellent in any format.”

With the tournament just six months away, discussions about the captaincy for the Indian team are rife, but Sourav’s unequivocal stance sheds light on his clear position regarding Kohli’s role in the imminent cricketing spectacle.

In the ever-evolving world of cricket, where debates and speculations swirl like a tempest, the focus is now on the T20 format and the imminent T20 World Cup. The talk of the town centers around the fate of two stalwarts – Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has thrown his weight behind the duo, making a bold claim that Rohit should lead Team India in the upcoming T20 World Cup, while Kohli must secure a spot in the squad.

Sourav Ganguly’s Stand

In a recent statement at a promotional event in Kolkata, Sourav Ganguly made his stance crystal clear – Rohit Sharma is his choice for the captaincy in the T20 World Cup.

Kohli’s Role

Ganguly doesn’t stop there; he firmly advocates for Virat Kohli’s inclusion in the squad. When asked about Kohli’s absence from T20 cricket for over a year, Ganguly’s response was succinct – ‘Nothing will happen. Great cricketer. Should play for Team India in T20s.

Speculations and Selection Dilemmas

As the cricketing world awaits the T20 series against Afghanistan starting on January 11, all eyes are on whether Rohit and Kohli will cut. Speculations are rife that the selection committee might contemplate excluding Kohli due to concerns about his batting pace, though not officially confirmed.

The Countdown to the T20 World Cup:

The upcoming T20 World Cup, set to unfold in the USA and West Indies in June, is a significant juncture for Team India. The last time Rohit and Kohli donned the T20I jersey was during the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2022. Now, with their potential inclusion in the T20 series against Afghanistan, the anticipation builds, and fans are eager to witness their dynamic performances.

The Sourav Ganguly Factor:

Sourav Ganguly, known for his astute cricketing acumen, firmly believes in the experience and prowess of Rohit Sharma. His endorsement of Rohit as the captain is not without reason. In the ODI World Cup last year, Rohit showcased exemplary leadership, positioning him as the frontrunner for the T20 captaincy.

The Kohli Conundrum:

Virat Kohli’s absence from T20 cricket for 14 months has raised eyebrows, but Ganguly remains unfazed. The former captain insists that Kohli’s stature as a great cricketer should secure his spot in the T20 lineup.


Q1: Why does Ganguly believe Rohit should be the captain?

A1: Ganguly emphasizes Rohit’s leadership skills and his exceptional performance in the recent ODI World Cup, making him the ideal candidate for the captaincy.

Q2: What about Kohli’s absence from T20 cricket for over a year?

A2: Ganguly dismisses concerns, stating that Kohli is a great cricketer and should play for Team India in T20s.

Q3: Is there a possibility of Kohli being dropped due to slow batting?

A3: While speculations exist, there’s no official confirmation. Ganguly’s endorsement suggests he believes Kohli’s skills surpass any concerns.

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In the dynamic realm of cricket, Sourav Ganguly’s resolute backing of Rohit Sharma as the T20 captain and his unwavering support for Virat Kohli injects anticipation into the cricketing atmosphere. As the T20 World Cup looms on the horizon, the selection committee faces crucial decisions that could chart India’s course in the tournament. Ganguly’s endorsement underscores the significance of experience and skill, setting the stage for a thrilling spectacle in the Caribbean Islands and the USA. Whether the duo will grace the T20 World Cup remains uncertain, but the cricketing fraternity eagerly awaits the unfolding drama on the field.

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