Why is the test team of India dominating on Australian soil England is lagging?

The test team of India dominating on Australia
The test team of India dominated in Australia.

The test team of India wins back to back series in Australia. But the only failure that has befallen the test team of England on Australian soil.

What are the records saying?

Let’s start from 2013. In these eight years, the English cricket team has lost 11 of the 12 Tests played on Australian. The ‘biggest’ battle in “the history of cricket” is slowly losing its lustre in the face of Australia’s monopoly and the way England has been repeatedly defeated.

This time the Ashes war of England started in Gabba of Brisbane. They lost by nine wickets on day four of the test. After playing 16 Tests in Gabba, England lost 13 times on that ground. The last victory came 35 years ago in 1986. Gabba has always been a lucky ground for Australia.

Despite repeated attempts, England failed to change the record.
But the test team of India has succeeded. The test team of India won against Australia in Brisbane in January this year without Virat Kohli. Ajinkya Rahane has shown that Australia is no longer irresistible on Brisbane’s tough, fast wickets.

Recent Series

This time in Brisbane, England did not get their two main bowlers, James Anderson and Stuart Broad, but it is doubtful how much difference they would have had. Because in the day-night Test in Adelaide, both of them returned to the team. But it did not affect the game of England. Joe Root lost the second test by 265 runs. It is not difficult to understand from the first two Tests, England needs to improve a lot to avoid 0-5 losses on Australian soil.
The picture for the test team of India is the opposite.

Despite India’s 0-2 defeat in the 2014-15 Australia series, it was the beginning of the dream of ruling the country. Just before that, the test team of India had fought eye-to-eye with Australia, who had won the Ashes with confidence. India lost by 48 runs in Adelaide and four wickets in Brisbane. The draw is in Melbourne, Sydney. The battles India fought in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney laid the groundwork for a historic series win on Australian soil four years later.

The success of Indian Batters

Kohli had four centuries in four Tests in the 2014-15 series. He scored 692 runs at an average of 86.50. Murali Vijay, Ajinkya Rahane also fought so hard with the bat.

Four years later, the team test of India got Australia without Steve Smith-David Warner. Both of them were exiled for ball-tampering. However, with Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, and Nathan Lyon, the full strength of the Australian bowling attack was playing against the test team of India. This time, without that Cummins-Hazlewood, Australia defeated England in the second Test.

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The test team of India leads Adelaide first in the 2018-19 series. After losing in Perth. But the test team of India won the series in Melbourne. If it hadn’t rained, India might have won in Sydney too. Cheteshwar Pujara showed in that series how to handle Australian bowling. He played 1258 balls and scored 521 runs.

Then 2020-21. The test team of India was facing full-fledged Australia. This Time both Smith, Warner was on the team. The test team of India had a bad start. India’s innings ended with 36 runs in the first match. Kohli returned to the country after playing his first test on paternity leave.

No one took Rahane’s India into account anymore. India won the next Test in Melbourne by six wickets to take the series 1-1.  The third Test was drawn in Sydney.

The way the test team of India drew in Sydney, the picture of England is completely different from that. They just surrender on the last day in Adelaide.

India’s batting on the last day in Sydney was carefulness and aggression. On one side Pujara made 77 runs off 205 balls. Rishabh Panth on the other hand looked at an innings of 97 off 118 balls. At one point, it was looking like the test team of India may chase down the target of 408 runs.

It did not take long for India to realize that it would no longer be possible to win after Panth was out of the way. Then the unbeaten pair of Hanuma Bihari and Ravichandran Ashwin scored 72 runs. But they played 42.4 overs and saved the match. This resistance was not seen in England.

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Then Gabba. India had a target of 329 runs on the last day. The test team of India won that historic test match. Shubhaman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara added 114 runs for the second wicket. Then Panth scored 89 of 138 balls helped the test team of India to win the Gabba Test.

Statistics on Australian soil since 2013 show that of the four Indian openers who have played at least three Tests, three of them have averaged over 30. One of them has an average of over 50 one has about 45. In the case of England, this number is only one, Alastair Cook, 34.55.

In the case of batsmen number three to six, the average of one in India is close to 70, one is above 60, one is above 47.28, and one is above 40. In this case, at the top of England, his average is 43.92. And no one has crossed the average 30.

The success of the Indian Bowlers

Mohammad Siraj, Shardul Tagore, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar were able to pick up 20 wickets for Australia. England’s experienced bowlers have not been able to do that yet.

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The test team of India and England have played 12 Tests on Australian soil since 2013. Indian bowlers have taken 193 wickets. In the case of English bowlers, the number is 157. The test team of India is ahead even in the case of pace bowlers. While Burma-Sami and others took 133 wickets, Anderson-Broad took 128 wickets.

As a result in batting or bowling, Indian cricketers are ahead of the English on Australian soil. So in the recent series in Australia where the test team of India has repeatedly won the series. But England is gradually losing.

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