Karthik set the example, ‘Do not knocking on the door, Break the door’.

Dinesh Karthik is setting an example for Dravid. Especially for those cricketers who are knocking on the door of the Indian cricket team. The mantra of the Indian team coach Dravid is that to enter the national team you don’t just have to knock on the door you have to break down the door. Karthik … Read more

Subramaniam Badrinath an unlucky cricketer who born in the wrong era

Subramaniam Badrinath was a run machine in Indian Domestic cricket. Despite that, he is another most unlucky cricketer. Badri was a middle-order batsman with rock-solid technique. Because of his consistency, he was named “Mr Dependable” in Tamil Nadu cricket. Badri was an excellent fielder at the point and elsewhere in the circle. S Badrinath: Born … Read more

Injury finished Balaji, India lost a classic bowler

Lakshmipathy Balaji is one of the most unlucky cricketers for India. Balaji was a slim, lanky fast bowler from Tamil Nadu, always confuses batters with his open-chested action. Before the injury, he bowled with a whippy, quick-arm action that allowed him to bowl faster deliveries, yorkers, and bouncers with little to no change in bowling … Read more

Why Wriddhiman Saha is so angry?

How do you define Wriddhiman Saha? The most trusted man behind the wicket for the last couple of years? The best wicket-keeper after MS Dhoni? The unsung hero of Indian cricket? Or the man without controversy? But Wriddhiman Saha is going through lots of controversies. Wriddhiman Saha asked the reporter of the national channel has … Read more

Is Ramesh Kumar the second Narine of KKR?

Who is Ramesh Kumar? In the IPL 2022, he will play for Shahrukh Khan’s team. KKR has surprised everybody after bringing Ramesh Kumar in this year’s auction. This left-arm spinner has the potential to become the star of the future. KKR’s masterstroke picks up ‘Second Narine’ at auction! Who is Ramesh Kumar? He never played … Read more

Take a look at the final IPL squad for 2022 of ten franchises

The IPL squad for 2022 is set now. All the ten franchises have picked their players from the auction. Over the two days of the auction, 204 (137 Indians and 67 internationals) of the 296 players who went under the auction received a contract. The remaining 93 did not sell in auction. Take a look … Read more

Why did Rahane suddenly attack Ravi Shastri?

What did Rahane say, so that country’s cricket is in turmoil with the two lines? Recently Rahane had an interview with an all-India media. In that interview, Rahane said, someone, has taken credit for the decisions he took as a captain on the dressing room and field during team India’s visit to Australia. Why did … Read more

Manoj Tiwari, Dhoni and injury destroy his career

Manoj Tiwari is one of the most unlucky cricketer of Indian cricket. Tiwari was an aggressive right-handed middle-order batsman. His talent is evident only by taking a look at his domestic numbers.  On domestic cricket, statistics can be deceiving, but Manoj’s ability was unquestionable. He looked at the enigmatic Kevin Pietersen while batsmanship. His strokeplay … Read more

Deepak Hooda bounces back from darkness and uncertainty

Deepak Hooda called back again to the Indian team after almost five years of being ignored. But these years were not easy for Deepak. Even a year ago, the word’s uncertainty, darkness, and controversy was been easily added to his name. after all those black days, Deepak Hooda returned to his glory. The doors of … Read more

Advice of Ravi Shastri for Virat Kohli

Former head coach Ravi Shastri has given some advice to the ex Indian captain Virat Kohli. Shastri said, Virat can take leave from cricket for two to three month. Ravi Shastri on Virat Kohli For a long time, no big run came from the bat of Virat Kohli. He has scored two fifties in the … Read more

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