Shami’s Replacement Announced by Gujarat Titans

Md. Shami. Pix: Google
Md. Shami. Pix: Google

In a significant move ahead of the IPL season, Gujarat Titans have finally disclosed the replacement for the sidelined Mohammed Shami. The franchise opted for Sandeep Warrior, a former Kolkata cricketer, to bolster their pace attack.

Shami’s Absence in IPL

A Long-Awaited Revelation

After much anticipation and speculation surrounding Shami’s unavailability for this year’s IPL, Gujarat Titans had remained silent on his replacement until just two days before the tournament’s commencement. Fans and analysts were eager to see who would fill the void left by the experienced pacer.

Sandeep Warrior: The Chosen Replacement

The announcement came late Wednesday night when Gujarat Titans confirmed Sandeep Warrior as Shami’s replacement. Warrior, having played five matches in previous IPL seasons, brings a blend of experience and skill to the team’s pace department.

The Search for Shami’s Successor

Following Shami’s injury during the World Cup, which rendered him unable to participate in subsequent matches, Gujarat Titans had been on the lookout for a suitable replacement. Shami’s absence left a significant gap in the team’s bowling lineup, prompting the franchise to scout for a player capable of filling his shoes.

Sandeep Warrior’s Profile

Although born in Kerala, Sandeep Warrior now plies his trade for Tamil Nadu in domestic cricket. Despite limited opportunities in previous IPL seasons, Warrior showcased glimpses of his potential during his stint with Kolkata. Now, the Gujarat Titans have entrusted him with the responsibility of fortifying their pace bowling unit.

Shami’s Journey

Shami, known for his lethal pace and swing, had been a vital cog in Gujarat Titans’ bowling setup. However, a knee injury sustained during the World Cup halted his participation in competitive cricket, forcing him to undergo surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.


Q: Who is Sandeep Warrior?

A: Sandeep Warrior is a cricketer formerly associated with the Kolkata franchise in the IPL. He primarily operates as a pace bowler and has represented Tamil Nadu in domestic cricket.

Q: Why was Shami ruled out of IPL?

A: Shami sustained a knee injury during the World Cup, which necessitated surgery and subsequent rehabilitation. As a result, he was unable to participate in this year’s IPL.

Q: How many matches has Sandeep Warrior played in the IPL?

A: Sandeep Warrior has played five matches in previous IPL seasons, showcasing his skills as a pace bowler.

Q: What role will Sandeep Warrior play in Gujarat Titans?

A: Sandeep Warrior has been brought in as a replacement for Mohammed Shami in the Gujarat Titans squad. He is expected to bolster the team’s pace bowling department and contribute to their performance in the tournament.

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The inclusion of Sandeep Warrior in Gujarat Titans‘ squad marks a significant development as the franchise prepares to kick off its IPL campaign. With Shami’s absence addressed, all eyes will now be on Warrior as he takes on the responsibility of filling the void left by the seasoned pacer. As the tournament unfolds, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await to witness the impact of this strategic move on Gujarat Titans’ performance on the field.

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