5 Big Losers in IPL Auction 2024

5 Big Losers in IPL Auction 2024
5 Big Losers in IPL Auction 2024. Pix: Google

In the much-anticipated IPL Auction 2024, the cricketing world witnessed a roller-coaster of emotions as players went under the hammer. From jaw-dropping bids to surprising snubs, the auction was a spectacle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Shardul Thakur’s Steep Plunge

Shardul Thakur, a pivotal all-rounder in India’s World Cup squad, faced a staggering setback in the IPL Auction 2024. Once an integral part of Kolkata Knight Riders, he saw a drastic drop in his auction value. Last year’s 10 crores 75 lakhs shrunk to a modest 4 crores as Chennai Super Kings secured his services, marking a significant 6 crores 75 lakhs dip in Thakur’s IPL earnings.

Manish Pandey’s Price Plunge

Joining the list of players witnessing a dip in fortunes, Manish Pandey faced a substantial reduction in his IPL price tag. Formerly playing for Delhi Capitals at 4 crores 60 lakhs, he found himself picked up by Kolkata Knight Riders for a mere 50 lakhs. That’s marking him 4 crores 10 lakhs drop in his IPL income.

Kartik Tyagi’s Diminishing Returns

The IPL Auction wasn’t kind to all-rounder Kartik Tyagi either. After earning 4 crores with Sunrisers Hyderabad in the previous season, he faced a considerable slump as Gujarat Titans secured his services for 60 lakhs. Tyagi’s income from the IPL diminished by 3 crores 40 lakhs.

Chetan Sakariya: A Bowler’s Economic Blow

Bowling sensation Chetan Sakariya also experienced economic setbacks. His previous stint with Delhi Capitals at 4 crores 20 lakhs saw a downturn as Kolkata secured him for 50 lakhs in IPL Auction 2024. This translated to a significant reduction of 3 crores 70 lakhs in Sakariya’s IPL earnings.

Shahrukh Khan’s Comparative Comfort

In the realm of IPL financial hits, Shahrukh Khan emerged relatively unscathed. Despite being an aggressive batter, Khan, who played for Punjab Kings last year at 9 crores, found a new home in Gujarat Titans for 7 crores 40 lakhs. Though facing a cut, his income from the IPL auction was reduced by a comparatively modest 1 crore 60 lakhs in the IPL Auction 2024.

FAQs – IPL Auction 2024:

Q1: Why did Shardul Thakur’s auction value see such a significant decrease?

A1: Shardul Thakur’s sharp decline in auction value can be attributed to a change in team dynamics and strategies. Chennai Super Kings secured his services for 4 crores, marking a departure from his previous high-priced stint with Kolkata Knight Riders.

Q2: What led to Manish Pandey’s substantial reduction in auction value?

A2: Manish Pandey’s drop in auction value can be linked to a combination of factors, including team requirements, recent performance, and strategic decisions. Kolkata Knight Riders secured him for 50 lakhs, significantly lower than his previous 4 crores 60 lakhs.

Q3: Why did Kartik Tyagi face diminishing returns in the IPL Auction 2024?

A3: Kartik Tyagi’s reduced auction value can be attributed to team preferences and budget considerations. Gujarat Titans acquired his services for 60 lakhs, reflecting a notable decrease from his previous earnings with Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Q4: What influenced Chetan Sakariya’s economic blow in the IPL Auction?

A4: Chetan Sakariya’s diminished auction value is likely a result of various factors, including team requirements, recent performance evaluations, and budget constraints. Kolkata secured his services for 50 lakhs, a considerable reduction from his previous 4 crores 20 lakhs.

Q5: How did Shahrukh Khan fare in the IPL Auction 2024 compared to others?

A5: Shahrukh Khan, despite facing a reduction in his auction value, had a relatively better outcome than some other players. Moving from Punjab Kings to Gujarat Titans for 7 crores 40 lakhs, Khan’s decrease in IPL income was comparatively modest at 1 crore 60 lakhs.

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In conclusion, the IPL Auction 2024 proved to be a captivating spectacle, with players experiencing both soaring highs and unexpected lows. IPL Auction echoed throughout the event, symbolizing the financial dynamics that shape the destinies of cricketers. Shardul Thakur, Manish Pandey, Kartik Tyagi, Chetan Sakariya, and Shahrukh Khan became emblematic of the auction’s unpredictability, showcasing the stark contrasts in players’ fortunes. As the keyword reverberated in each bid and team decision, it highlighted the economic chessboard where cricketers’ values were decided.

The IPL Auction, with its surprises and twists, left an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape, reminding us that in the world of IPL, the keyword isn’t just a term but a financial roller-coaster shaping the future of cricket stars.

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