Ashwin Praises on Bumrah Brilliance

Ravichandran Ashwin. Pix: Google
Ravichandran Ashwin. Pix: Google

Bumrah’s Brilliance and Ashwin’s Milestone: India-England Series Buzzing with Excitement. In the pulsating India-England Test series, one name that echoes with brilliance is none other than Ravichandran Ashwin. As the teams battle it out on spin-assisted wickets, Ashwin stands impressed by the stellar performances and crucial moments that define the cricketing spectacle. Let’s dive into the cricketing fervor that has Ashwin buzzing with excitement.

A ‘Boom-Ball’ Warning and ‘Buzzball’ Cricket

The England camp, led by Ben Stokes, issued a warning before the third Test, declaring they possess a ‘Boom ball.’ Ashwin, in response, acknowledged the firepower but proudly proclaimed, “We have a ‘Boom ball’.” Stokes and his men, under the guidance of coach Brendon McCullum, have adopted an aggressive style, fondly referred to as ‘buzzball’ cricket. This approach paid dividends in the first Test in Hyderabad, where England emerged victorious, setting the tone for an intense five-match series.

Bumrah’s Magnificence and Team India’s Fightback

In the second Test, the momentum swung in favor of the hosts, courtesy of Rohit Sharma’s resilient batting and Jasprit Bumrah’s exceptional bowling. Bumrah’s perfect yorkers troubled the English batsmen, earning him accolades from Ashwin, who described his performance as “the height of the Himalayas.” On his YouTube channel, Ashwin expressed his admiration, highlighting Bumrah’s incredible delivery that left everyone in awe. With 14 wickets in the series, Bumrah has now ascended to the top spot in the Test bowlers’ rankings, earning praise from Ashwin, a self-proclaimed “big fan.”

Shubman Gill’s Century and Ashwin’s Milestone Chase

In addition to Bumrah, Ashwin applauded Shubman Gill for his remarkable century in the second innings of the second Test. Despite a string of Test innings without reaching 50 runs, Gill showcased his talent, leaving Ashwin with no doubts about the young batsman’s capabilities. As Ashwin stands on the cusp of a significant milestone – 500 Test wickets – he remains humble, attributing the team’s collective effort to their success. His off-spin prowess and crucial contributions are integral to India’s strategy, making him a key player in the series.


Q1: What is the significance of Bumrah’s performance in the India-England series?

A1: Bumrah’s outstanding performance, marked by impeccable yorkers and 14 wickets, has propelled him to the number one spot in the Test bowlers’ rankings. Ashwin, a self-proclaimed fan, considers Bumrah’s contributions as the pinnacle of cricketing excellence.

Q2: How did Shubman Gill impress in the series?

A2: Shubman Gill, breaking a streak of innings without reaching 50 runs, played a pivotal role by scoring a century in the second innings of the second Test. Ashwin commended Gill’s talent and believes the innings showcased his true batting prowess.

Q3: What milestone is Ashwin approaching in the series?

A3: Ravichandran Ashwin is on the verge of reaching 500 Test wickets. Despite the personal achievement, Ashwin attributes the team’s efforts to their success and remains focused on contributing to India’s triumph in the series.

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As the India-England series unfolds with breathtaking performances and nail-biting moments, the spotlight remains firmly on players like Bumrah, Gill, and Ashwin. While Bumrah’s rise to the top is celebrated, Ashwin’s pursuit of a significant milestone adds another layer of excitement to the cricketing extravaganza. The series continues to be a testament to the thrilling unpredictability of the sport, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

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