Controversy in World Cup Cricket: Let’s Know The Top 10 Incident

ICC World Cup Cricket. Pix; Google
ICC World Cup Cricket. Pix; Google

World Cup Cricket, often revered for its thrilling matches and iconic moments, has once again found itself entangled in controversy during the ongoing ODI World Cup. The World Cup 2023 has become a stage not only for spectacular catches and record-breaking centuries but also for heated debates and questionable decisions. The focal point of this discussion revolves around the controversial ‘timed out’ dismissal of Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews in the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match. This incident adds a new chapter to the long-standing history of controversies that have marked the prestigious ICC tournaments.

Controversy Strikes Again in World Cup Cricket 2023

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly follow the World Cup Cricket 2023, the tournament has already become a hotbed of controversies. The focus keyword, Controversy in World Cup Cricket, looms large, with the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match raising eyebrows and questions about the integrity of the game.

Unprecedented ‘Timed Out’ Controversy

The Sri Lanka-Bangladesh clash in the World Cup Cricket 2023 witnessed an unprecedented event – Angelo Mathews being dismissed without facing a single ball due to a ‘timed out’ situation. This rare occurrence has left cricket fans and experts alike scratching their heads, questioning the fairness and practicality of such rules.

Outrage and Criticism Surrounding Mathews’ Dismissal

The controversial dismissal of Mathews didn’t go unnoticed. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan’s decision to appeal for Mathews’ ‘timed out’ dismissal led to prolonged discussions between the players and umpires. The aftermath saw Mathews expressing his frustration, hurling his helmet in anger, and the Sri Lankan captain Kushal Mendis criticizing the Bangladesh team. Former cricketers also joined the chorus of criticism, making it a talking point both on and off the field.

Controversies Through the Years: A Trip Down Memory Lane

While the World Cup Cricket 2023 has had its fair share of drama, controversies in ICC tournaments are not a novel occurrence. Let’s delve into the annals of cricket history to revisit some infamous incidents that have left a lasting impact on the sport.

1992: South Africa’s World Cup Exclusion

The ‘Rain Rule’ controversy during the 1992 World Cup Cricket semi-final between South Africa and England remains etched in cricket’s history. The peculiar target set for South Africa due to rain raised eyebrows and led to the eventual exclusion of the Proteas from the tournament.

1996: Eden Gardens Debacle

The 1996 World Cup Cricket semi-final between India and Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens saw chaos erupt when fans began throwing water bottles onto the field. The match was abandoned, and Sri Lanka was declared the winner, marking one of the darkest moments in World Cup history.

1996: Sri Lanka’s Host Dilemma

There was another controversy before that World Cup Cricket. Apart from India, the World Cup was hosted by Sri Lanka and Pakistan. A bomb exploded in Colombo just before the start of the World Cup. Australia and the West Indies did not want to play in Sri Lanka due to security reasons. The matter went to the diplomatic level. To prove that Sri Lanka is safe, a match is organized there by the entrepreneurs. That match went smoothly. However, the two teams could not be played. Points from those two matches were awarded to Sri Lanka.

1999: Hansi Cronje & earpiece

In 2000, Hansi Cronje was involved in a big controversy in the match-fixing case. But the year before that in the 1999 World Cup, the then captain of South Africa was embroiled in controversy. This cricketer wore an earpiece in the first match against India. This arrangement was made so that coach Bob Ulmer could give the necessary instructions during the game. Sourav Gangopadhyay noticed the matter first. He told the two umpires Steve Bucknor and David Shepherd. Cronje had to remove the device from his ear. Coincidentally, Cronje and Ulmer are both deceased. Both have mysteries about death.

2003: Shane Warne’s Deportation

Just before the start of the 2003 World Cup, the cricket world was in an uproar. Shane Warne is to be deported for allegedly taking a banned drug diuretic. Although he denied the allegation, his urine ‘B’ sample also came out positive. Australia won the world championship without Warne.

2003: Flower and Olonga’s Stand

There was also a political debate in the World Cup of that time. Zimbabwe’s then captain Andy Flower and pacer Henry Olonga joined the protest against the then head of state Robert Mugabe. Both announced that they would be wearing black armbands throughout the competition due to the ‘death of democracy’ in their country. They did not play for the country after that World Cup.

2007: Murder Mystery and Floodlight Controversy

The 2007 World Cup in the West Indies witnessed Pakistan’s shocking loss to Ireland and the mysterious death of coach Bob Ullmer. The final match between Australia and Sri Lanka also faced controversy when floodlights went out, leading to a unique agreement on the reserve day.

2007: Controversy Strikes in World Cup Cricket Final

In that very World Cup, controversy marred the showdown between Australia and Sri Lanka. The epic battle unfolded at Kensington Oval, but the floodlights were conspicuously absent. As darkness descended upon the stadium, umpires directed the players to resume the match on the reserve day. However, at that crucial moment, the Duckworth-Lewis rule came into play, adding a layer of complexity.

In a face-off between Australia and Sri Lanka, both team captains, Ricky Ponting and Mahela Jayawardene, engaged in lengthy discussions with the umpires and other match officials. The decision was reached that only spinners would deliver the last three overs. Australia emerged as the world champion amid the tumultuous controversy. However, the repercussions were swift, as all the umpires and officials involved in the final match were removed from the T20 World Cup later that year due to their contentious decisions.

The year of the controversy also witnessed the removal of all umpires and officials involved in the final match from the T20 World Cup later that year.

2011: Toss Drama in the Wankhede Stadium

The 2011 World Cup Cricket final between India and Sri Lanka had its fair share of controversy when the toss call by Kumar Sangakkara was disputed by MS Dhoni. A second toss was required, creating a moment of confusion and tension.

2015: Umpiring Woes and Resignation

In the 2015 World Cup Cricket, Bangladesh’s quarter-final match against India stirred controversy when an umpiring decision favored the Indian team. The dissatisfaction led to the resignation of ICC President Mustafa Kamal, adding another layer to the World Cup’s controversial history.

FAQ: Unraveling the Controversies

Q1: What is the ‘timed out’ controversy in the World Cup Cricket 2023?

A1: The ‘timed out’ controversy in the World Cup Cricket 2023 refers to the dismissal of Angelo Mathews without facing a ball due to a delay in taking the strike. This unprecedented incident has sparked debates on the fairness of such rules.

Q2: Which World Cup Cricket saw South Africa’s exclusion due to the ‘Rain Rule’?

A2: The 1992 World Cup witnessed South Africa’s exclusion due to the controversial ‘Rain Rule’ during the semi-final against England.

Q3: Why did Shane Warne face deportation before the 2003 World Cup Cricket?

A3: Shane Warne faced deportation before the 2003 World Cup over allegations of taking a banned drug, a diuretic, though he denied the accusations.

Q4: What was the controversy surrounding the 2015 World Cup cricket quarter-final between Bangladesh and India?

A4: The controversy in the 2015 World Cup Cricket quarter-final centered around an umpiring decision favoring India, leading to dissatisfaction and the resignation of ICC President Mustafa Kamal, adding another layer to the World Cup’s controversial history.

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As the World Cup Cricket 2023 unfolds, controversies continue to be an integral part of the cricketing narrative. From ‘timed out’ dismissals to historical incidents like the ‘Rain Rule’ controversy, the tournament’s rich history is intertwined with moments that have shaped the sport and fueled discussions among fans worldwide.

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