CSK May Release of Ben Stokes Ahead of IPL 2024

CSK May Release of Ben Stokes in IPL 2024. Pix: Google
CSK May Release of Ben Stokes in IPL 2024. Pix: Google

In a surprising turn of events for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), there are speculations about the potential release of the high-profile all-rounder, Ben Stokes, worth a staggering Rs 16 crores. As the IPL 2024 season approaches, uncertainties surround the English cricketer’s fitness and availability, prompting CSK to consider parting ways with him.

CSK’s Dilemma with Ben Stokes

Chennai Super Kings secured the services of Ben Stokes in the IPL 2023 auction, making a hefty investment of Rs 16.25 crores. However, the team faced disappointment as Stokes could only feature in two matches before facing a setback. The looming possibility of surgery on his left knee post the ODI World Cup has raised concerns about his readiness for the upcoming IPL season.

Surgery and IPL Uncertainties

The specter of surgery on Stokes’ left knee adds another layer of complexity to the decision-making process for CSK. The post-surgery rehabilitation timeline introduces uncertainties about his readiness for the IPL, creating a dilemma for the team.

The Financial Risk

The financial stakes are high, and CSK, under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is wary of the potential risk associated with Stokes. The team management expressed, “If Stokes can play in the IPL, there is no question of letting him go. He is a big match player. But if he can’t play, then our 16 crore rupees will be stuck. At that price, we can get another good cricketer.”

Communication with Stokes and Future Plans

Amidst these uncertainties, Chennai Super Kings have engaged in discussions with Ben Stokes regarding his IPL participation. Despite the conclusion of England’s World Cup journey, there has been no direct communication between Stokes and Dhoni’s team. Stokes had previously expressed reluctance to consider IPL commitments between international tournaments.
“If Stokes can play in the IPL, there is no question of letting him go,” Chennai Super Kings asserted. Recognizing Stokes as a big-match player, CSK is keen on retaining him. However, the looming possibility of him being unavailable raises financial concerns, prompting the team to explore alternative options.

Kolkata Knight Riders’ Parallel Conundrum

While CSK grapples with the decision surrounding Ben Stokes, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are contemplating the potential release of first bowler Lockie Ferguson. KKR had acquired from Gujarat Titans for Rs 10 crores. Unfortunately, Ferguson’s tenure with KKR was marred by persistent injuries, rendering him unavailable for active participation on the field.
The final decisions from both CSK and KKR are eagerly awaited, with the teams expected to make official announcements by November 19th, shaping the narratives for the upcoming IPL 2024 season.


Q. Why is CSK considering releasing Ben Stokes before IPL 2024?

A. CSK is evaluating the potential release of Ben Stokes due to uncertainties surrounding his fitness and the likelihood of undergoing left knee surgery post the ODI World Cup.

Q. What was the cost of acquiring Ben Stokes by CSK in the IPL 2023 auction?

A. Chennai Super Kings secured Ben Stokes for a substantial sum of Rs 16.25 crores, making him one of the high-profile acquisitions in the squad.

Q. How many matches did Ben Stokes play for CSK in the previous IPL season?

A. Ben Stokes featured in only two matches for CSK in the IPL 2023 season before facing injury-related setbacks.

Q. What financial concerns does CSK have regarding Ben Stokes?

A. CSK is concerned that if Ben Stokes cannot play in the IPL, the substantial investment of Rs 16 crores might not yield the expected returns, prompting consideration of alternative options.

Q. Why might KKR release Lockie Ferguson?

A. Kolkata Knight Riders are contemplating the release of Lockie Ferguson due to persistent injuries, preventing his active participation in matches during his tenure with the team.

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In conclusion, the fate of Ben Stokes in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) squad and the potential release of Lockie Ferguson by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) stand as pivotal decisions shaping the narratives for the IPL 2024 season. The uncertainties surrounding Stokes’ fitness and the financial considerations for CSK, coupled with Ferguson’s injury woes for KKR, underscore the complexities teams face in optimizing their player rosters. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits official announcements, the stage is set for strategic reshuffles that will undoubtedly impact the dynamics of the upcoming IPL season. The cricketing fraternity will keenly watch how these decisions unfold in the days leading up to November 19th.

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