How many years will Dhoni play IPL?

How many years will Dhoni play IPL?
How many years will Dhoni play IPL? Pix: Google

The question lingering on every Dhoni fan’s mind is, “How many more years will Mahendra Singh Dhoni grace the Indian Premier League (IPL)?” While speculations and uncertainties surround the cricketing legend’s future, his teammate in Chennai, Deepak Chahar, offers a subtle insight into Dhoni’s potential retirement plans. According to Chahar, MSD might extend his IPL journey for an additional two to three years, providing a glimmer of hope for fans eagerly awaiting clarity on the iconic captain’s future.

Deepak Chahar’s Perspective:

In a recent interview with news agency PTI, Chahar shared his observations on MSD’s cricketing prowess and the possibility of his continued participation in the IPL. “I think Dhoni bhai still has a lot to give to cricket. He can play for another two or three years,” expressed Chahar. Highlighting Dhoni’s exceptional batting skills, he added, “There are still very few batters who can hit shots better than him.”

Dhoni’s Injury and Chahar’s Take:

Acknowledging MSD’s recent injury, Chahar dismissed it as a common occurrence in the sport. He emphasized, “Yes, Dhoni bhai has an injury. But many people have such injuries. What happened to that?” Chahar’s short but impactful statement underlines the resilience and determination often associated with the seasoned cricketer.

Dhoni’s Retirement Decision:

While Chahar provides insights into MSD’s potential playing years, he also highlights a crucial aspect – only Dhoni knows when he will retire. “My personal opinion is that Dhoni bhai should play for two to three more years. But he will take the decision of retirement himself,” Chahar affirmed. Referring to MSD’s announcement about playing his last match at the Chennai ground, Chahar believes that MSD should have the autonomy to make that decision.

Challenges for Chennai Super Kings:

Chahar further delves into the potential impact of Dhoni’s retirement on the Chennai Super Kings. As the captain since the inception of the IPL, MSD’s absence could pose challenges for the team. Chahar asserts, “So if he is not there, the cricketers will have problems playing. They will have problems if they do not get MSD’s advice.” The dependency on Dhoni’s leadership and guidance is evident in Chahar’s remarks.

Dhoni’s Post-Championship Declaration:

After leading the Chennai Super Kings to victory last year, MSD made it clear that he intends to play at least one more season. Following a knee surgery post-IPL, MSD resumed training, indicating his determination to return to the field. However, the mystery surrounding how many more days the 42-year-old stalwart will don the yellow jersey prevails.


1. How many years will Dhoni play in the IPL?

A: As per Deepak Chahar’s assessment, MSD could play for another two to three years in the IPL.

2. When will Mahendra Singh Dhoni retire?

A: The decision of MSD’s retirement rests solely with the man himself. Deepak Chahar suggests that MSD should be allowed to make this significant decision on his terms.

3. Why does Chahar believe Dhoni should play for more years?

A: Chahar believes MSD has much to contribute to cricket and should continue playing for two to three more years, considering his exceptional skills.

4. What challenges may arise for Chennai Super Kings after Dhoni’s retirement?

A: Chahar highlights potential challenges for the team, emphasizing the importance of MSD’s leadership and guidance for the cricketers.

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In the ever-evolving saga of MSD’s cricketing journey, fans are left eagerly anticipating the icon’s next move. As uncertainties prevail, one thing remains certain – the indelible impact Dhoni has left on the cricketing world and the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Only time will reveal the next chapter in the story of this legendary cricketer.


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