Who will be the Gujarat Titans New Captain for IPL 2024?

Who will be the Gujarat Titans New Captain? Pix: Google
Who will be the Gujarat Titans New Captain? Pix: Google

Hardik Pandya is returning to his old team. Then who will be the Gujarat Titans new captain for IPl 2024? The names of one Indian and four foreign cricketers are emerging as possible Gujarat Titans new captain. Although nothing has been announced by the IPL franchise. But speculations are rife that several cricketers can lead the Gujarat team. As there are experienced cricketers, there are also youngsters. Some of them are currently on the team. In this blog, we will discuss who can be the Gujarat Titans new captain among them.

The Contenders for Gujarat Titans new captain:

Shubman Gill: A Young Star on the Horizon

The former member of Kolkata Knight Riders is being touted by some quarters as the future leader of the Indian team. The young opening batsman is also in the running to captain Gujarat. The 24-year-old cricketer scored 890 runs in 17 matches in IPL 2023. He can also be seen as the Gujarat Titans next captain. 

Gujarat Titans’ advantage in the case of Shubman Gill is that he is an Indian quota cricketer. He is not yet 25 years old. As a result, Gujarat can make long-term plans with him. Coach Asis Nehra will want an Indian as captain. Because foreign cricketers may not always be available due to various complications. Naturally, the most likely to see Shubman Gill lead the way in the 2024 IPL as Gujarat Titans next captain.

Rashid Khan: The Afghan Sensation

Rashid Khan, the leg-spinner from Afghanistan, is leading the race to become the Gujarat Titans’ next captain. A vital member of the first XI, Rashid brings leadership experience from his role in the national team. Popular among teammates, the 25-year-old all-rounder’s extensive T20 cricket experience makes him a promising captaincy candidate, and the Gujarat authorities may consider him for their long-term plans.

Kane Williamson: The Kiwi Maestro

Kane Williamson, one of the cricketing world’s best batsmen and the captain of New Zealand, is another contender for the captaincy role. Although he suffered an injury early in the previous IPL season and couldn’t continue playing, Williamson’s experience and proven leadership skills make him a viable choice for Gujarat. If fit, the authorities may entrust him with the captaincy responsibilities.

David Miller: The South African Stalwart

South African cricketer David Miller, an integral part of the Gujarat squad, is also in the running for the captaincy. With significant experience in T20 cricket and demonstrated leadership qualities, Miller brings a valuable set of skills to the table. If selected, he could guide the team effectively in the upcoming season.

However, Milad has no experience of captaincy at the IPL or international level. As a result, it can be a big hurdle in becoming the Gujarat Titans new captain.

Pat Cummins: The Australian World Cup Winner

If none of the aforementioned contenders is chosen, Pat Cummins, the Australian World Cup-winning captain, might step into the leadership role. Having been with Gujarat for the last two years, Cummins is familiar with the team dynamics. The upcoming auction on December 19 could be a crucial moment for Gujarat authorities to secure Cummins as the captain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: When is the IPL auction for 2024 scheduled?

A1: The IPL auction for 2024 is scheduled to take place on December 19.

Q2: Who are the potential contenders for the Gujarat Titans new captain?

A2: The potential contenders include Shubman Gill, Rashid Khan, Kane Williamson, David Miller, and Pat Cummins.

Q3: Why is Shubman Gill considered a strong candidate for Gujarat Titans new captain?

A3: Shubman Gill’s exceptional performance in IPL 2023, coupled with his age and Indian player status, makes him a strong candidate for long-term captaincy plans.

Q4: What makes Rashid Khan a promising choice for captaincy?

A4: Rashid Khan’s leadership experience with the Afghan national team, popularity among teammates, and extensive T20 cricket expertise contribute to his potential as a captain.

Q5: Is Pat Cummins a likely choice for Gujarat Titans new captain, and why?

A5: Pat Cummins, being with Gujarat for the last two years and his familiarity with the team, makes him a likely choice if other contenders are not selected.

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In conclusion, the saga for the Gujarat Titans new captain in IPL 2024 adds an extra layer of excitement as fans eagerly await the franchise’s decision. With a mix of young talent and experienced leaders, the team has a pool of contenders to choose from, setting the stage for an intriguing auction and an exciting season ahead.


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