How much gold and silver is in the ICC World Cup Trophy?

ICC World Cup trophy. Pix: Google
ICC World Cup trophy. Pix: Google

The ICC World Cup a cricketing spectacle that captivates millions around the globe, isn’t just about the fierce battles on the field. It’s also about the coveted trophy that represents the zenith of cricketing achievement. Let’s delve into the details of the iconic ICC World Cup trophy, a symbol of excellence that transcends boundaries.

Unlocking the Elegance: ICC World Cup Trophy Unveiled

Understanding the Significance

The ICC World Cup trophy is not merely a piece of silver and gold; it’s a masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of cricket. Crafted in 1999, this design revolutionized the concept of a standard trophy for each edition. It became a symbol of continuity and unity in the world of cricket.

A Glimpse of the Design

At the heart of the trophy lies a golden globe, adorned with three silver stamps, bells, and a stumped wicket. The globe, a representation of our planet, is surrounded by silver stamps and bells, showcasing the elegance of craftsmanship. The stumped wicket signifies the essence of cricket, capturing the thrilling moments when bowlers get the better of batsmen.

Materials and Weight

Contrary to popular belief, the trophy isn’t entirely composed of gold or silver. Instead, it undergoes a meticulous process that involves gold and silver plating, enhancing its color and durability. The total weight of the trophy is an impressive 11 kilograms, a testament to its substantial presence on the grand stage of international cricket.

Reveal Myths

Despite common misconceptions, the idea that the trophy is solid gold or silver is inaccurate. The immersive plating process is carefully executed to provide the trophy with a brilliant appearance while maintaining its resilience. This deliberate choice in design and construction underscores the commitment to creating a lasting symbol of cricketing excellence.

Cost of Crafting of ICC World Cup Trophy

Crafting such a distinguished trophy comes at a price. The cost of manufacturing the ICC World Cup trophy is approximately 30,000 US dollars or 25,000 British pounds. Translated into Indian rupees, this amounts to around 25 lakhs. This investment reflects the value placed on creating a trophy that stands as a beacon of cricketing achievement.

Evolution of the Trophy

Since its inception in 1975, the ICC World Cup has seen not only thrilling matches but also the evolution of its trophy. From unique trophies for each winner to the current standardized design, the trophy’s journey parallels the growth and transformation of international cricket over the decades.

Symbolism in Detail

The golden and silver elements symbolize not only the excellence of the sport but also the global nature of cricket. The three silver stamps and bells, strategically positioned on the golden globe, represent the unity of cricketing nations. The stumped wicket, a central element in the design, embodies the spirit of competition and fair play.


The Making Process

Creating the ICC World Cup trophy involves more than just crafting a physical object; it’s about imbuing it with symbolism and significance. The intricate design, particularly the use of silver stamps and bells, requires skilled artisans to bring the vision to life. The result is not just a trophy but a work of art that resonates with cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Base Inscriptions

The base of the trophy serves as a chronicle of cricketing history, with inscriptions showcasing the year and the champion country of each World Cup edition. Currently, there are 11 such inscriptions, each a testament to the glorious moments etched in the annals of cricket. And there’s room for more, as the legacy of the ICC World Cup continues to unfold.

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In conclusion, the ICC World Cup trophy is more than a gleaming prize; it’s a symbol of cricket’s enduring spirit and the shared love for the game across borders. From its intricate design to the evolution of its form, the trophy mirrors the growth and global appeal of cricket. As we anticipate the next chapter in cricketing history, the ICC World Cup trophy stands tall, embodying the elegance and excellence that define the sport.

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