India-Pakistan Match Sets Global Record with 35 Crore Mobile Viewers

New Record i the India-Pakistan match.
New Record in the India-Pakistan match.

The India-Pakistan cricket match in the World Cup not only stirred up intense excitement on the field but also broke records in terms of viewership. A staggering 35 crore viewers tuned in simultaneously on their mobile devices, marking a historic moment in the world of sports entertainment. Let’s delve into the details of this extraordinary feat and how it has set a new benchmark for global viewership.

India-Pakistan Showdown: A Global Spectacle

The clash between India and Pakistan is always a highly anticipated event, and the recent World Cup match lived up to its billing. With emotions running high on both sides, the game unfolded as a nail-biting encounter, captivating cricket enthusiasts across the globe.

A New Global Record: 35 Crore Mobile Viewers

In a groundbreaking development, the India-Pakistan match shattered records by attracting an astounding 35 crore viewers on mobile devices. This staggering figure not only eclipsed previous records but also underscored the increasing trend of mobile viewership in the world of sports.

Unveiling the Numbers: OTT Platform Takes Center Stage 

The viewership milestone was achieved primarily through the Over-The-Top (OTT) platform, where fans could witness the game in real time. The OTT platform played a pivotal role in bringing together cricket enthusiasts from various corners of the world, creating a shared experience that transcended geographical boundaries.

Breaking Down the Figures: Impact on Streaming Platforms

Jio Cinema, a major player in the OTT space, recorded a historic 35 crore viewers during the India-Pakistan match. This not only surpassed its previous record of 32 crores during the IPL final but also emphasized the platform’s influence in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital sports content.

The India-Pakistan Momentum: Viewership Peaks with India’s Lead

As the Indian team took the lead in the match, the viewership numbers witnessed a surge, crossing the 30 crore mark. The gripping nature of the game and the stakes involved intensified the emotional investment of the viewers, leading to a remarkable surge in online viewership.

Jio Cinema’s Record Overtaken: An Unprecedented Achievement

The India-Pakistan match not only surpassed the IPL final but also achieved a feat that no other content on the OTT platform had accomplished before. With 35 crore viewers watching simultaneously, this achievement cements its position as a global record-breaker.

Impact on Disney and Star: The Split Looms

Disney India, after acquiring IPL rights for a substantial 18 crores, faced challenges as its subscriber count in India reached 4 crores. However, the success of the World Cup matches, available for free on mobile devices, has provided a boost to those numbers.

Future Prospects: Disney’s Market Value on the Rise

The imminent split between Disney and Star is on the horizon, with Disney India’s key personnel set to finalize the separation of the sales division in the coming month. Industry experts believe that the success in the World Cup will significantly enhance Disney’s market value.


Q1: How many viewers watched the India-Pakistan match on mobile devices?

A1: An unprecedented 35 crore viewers watched the India-Pakistan match simultaneously on their mobile devices, setting a new global record.

Q2: Which OTT platform recorded this historic viewership?

A2: Jio Cinema, a prominent OTT platform, recorded a historic viewership of 35 crore during the India-Pakistan match.

Q3: Did this viewership record surpass previous records?

A3: Yes, the 35 crore viewership figure surpassed the previous record of 32 crores set during the IPL final on Jio Cinema.

Q4: How has this achievement impacted Disney’s market value?

A4: The success of the World Cup matches has slightly boosted Disney’s subscriber numbers, and experts believe it will enhance the company’s market value.

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The India-Pakistan match in the World Cup has not only etched itself into the annals of cricket history but has also rewritten the rules of global viewership. With 35 crore viewers glued to their mobile screens, the impact on the digital sports content landscape is undeniable. As Disney and Star navigate their future paths, the success of the World Cup marks a significant chapter in the evolution of sports entertainment.

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