India’s Asia Cup Super Four Matches: When and Against Whom?

Know The India's Journey in the Asia Cup Super Four. Pix: Google
Know The India’s Journey in the Asia Cup Super Four. Pix: Google

India’s first Asia Cup Super Four match is on September 10. Next Sunday, Rohit will play against Pakistan. In the thrilling context of the Asia Cup, one of the most anticipated cricket events, let’s delve into India’s upcoming matches in the Super Four stage, the opponents they’ll face, and the schedule that promises intense cricketing action.

The Asia Cup Super Four Composition

The Asia Cup Super Four stage comprises India, Pakistan, and two other teams from the opposite group, featuring Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. India’s path in the Super Four is set to cross with two teams that have successfully advanced from the other group. The Super Four’s formation is contingent on the outcomes of the group-stage matches.

India’s Stand in the Asia Cup Super Four

It’s noteworthy that India, led by Rohit Sharma, holds the second position in the Super Four lineup, immediately after Pakistan. Earlier, India had made a clear stance by announcing their decision not to engage with Pakistan in this Asia Cup. Consequently, all of India’s matches have been entrusted to Sri Lanka. This structural adjustment in the Super Four is irrespective of India’s performance in Group A.

India’s Asia Cup Super Four Schedule Unveiled

Mark your calendars for India’s initial Asia Cup Super Four clash, scheduled for September 10. The following Sunday will witness Rohit Sharma’s brigade locking horns with their arch-rivals, Pakistan. Despite the drawn group stage match, India will be determined to secure a decisive victory over Pakistan in the Super Four stage.

The Upcoming Challenge

Subsequently, after the face-off with Pakistan, Rohit Sharma’s squad will take the field on September 12 against the top-ranking team from Group B. The identity of these two Group B contenders remains pending, contingent on the outcomes of the remaining group matches. Clarity is expected to emerge after the Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan match this week.

Potential Asia Cup Super Four Contenders

Presently, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh emerge as frontrunners to clinch Super Four spots from Group B. Should Sri Lanka triumph over Afghanistan, they would claim the top spot in the group. In such a scenario, India would set its sights on a showdown with Sri Lanka on September 12.

India’s Asia Cup Super Four Matches: When and Against Whom?

  1. India will play against Pakistan on the upcoming Sunday.
  2. The next match for India will be on September 12th against the top team from Group B.
  3. The Third match of India will be played on September 15th against the second team from Group B.

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In summary, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to a series of riveting encounters as India advances to the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup. Despite the rain-affected India-Pakistan encounter in the group stage, the Asia Cup Super Four promises more excitement, offering India an opportunity to reassert its dominance against familiar foes and formidable competitors. Stay tuned for these high-stakes India matches that are sure to keep fans captivated throughout the Asia Cup tournament.


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