IPL Auction 2024: 14 India Cap Cricketers Up for Bidding

IPL Auction 2024 . Pix: Google

In the much-anticipated IPL Auction 2024, the spotlight is on 14 present or ex-Indian cricketers who will be up for bidding to secure a coveted spot in the upcoming season. The IPL auction 2024, scheduled to take place in Dubai on December 19, will witness a total of 333 cricketers vying for positions in various IPL teams. Among them, 14 cricketers have donned the Indian jersey, with some still actively representing the national team and others awaiting a chance.

Indian Top Contingent in IPL Auction 2024

The 14 Present of Ex-Indian cricketers featured in the auction list are:

1. Karun Nair
2. Manish Pandey
3. Harshal Patel
4. Shardul Thakur
5. Srikar Bharat
6. Jaydev Unadkat
7. Umesh Yadav
8. Hanuma Bihari
9. Varun Aaron
10. Siddharth Kaul
11. Barinder Sran
12. Shivam Mavi
13. Chetan Sakaria
14. Sandeep Warrier

Playing Status and Opportunities

Among these cricketers, Shardul Thakur has been a regular in the Indian team, showcasing his skills on the international stage. He was on the team for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Harshal Patel, until a few months ago, was a consistent presence in India’s short-format squads. Srikar Bharat was in the team in the final of the World Test Championship. Jaydev Unadkat also recently played a Test match for Team India. The left-handed fast bowler played a Test match for India in the last Test series India played against the West Indies.

However, players like Karun Nair, Manish Pandey, Umesh Yadav, and Hanuma Bihari have been awaiting opportunities in the Indian team for an extended period. Varun Aaron and Barinder Sran have also had limited chances to represent the national side.

Shivam Mavi, Chetan Sakaria, and Sandeep Warrier, although yet to feature in the senior Indian team, have showcased their talent in domestic cricket and represented India at the junior level, earning them a place in the auction.

IPL Auction 2024: By the Numbers

The IPL auction for the 2024 season initially had 1166 cricketers on the list. From this extensive list, 333 players, including 214 Indian cricketers, have been shortlisted for the auction. In addition to cricketers from full ICC member countries, the auction also includes players from associate member countries.

Out of the 333 players, 116 have the experience of playing for their respective national teams, adding a layer of international flavor to the auction. The remaining 217 players have a background in domestic cricket, with 215 belonging to full ICC member countries and 2 representing associate member countries.

FAQs About IPL Auction 2024

Q1: When and where will the IPL Auction 2024 take place?

A1: The IPL Auction 2024 is scheduled to take place in Dubai on December 19, starting at 2:30 pm Indian time.

Q2: How many cricketers are participating in the auction?

A2: A total of 333 cricketers will be part of the IPL Auction 2024.

Q3: What is the minimum and maximum base price for players in the auction?

A3: The minimum base price is 20 lakh rupees, while the maximum is set at 2 crore rupees.

Q4: How many Indian cricketers are in the auction?

A4: Out of the 333 cricketers, 214 are Indian players.

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In conclusion, the IPL Auction 2024 emerges as a crucial juncture for 14 Indian cricketers seeking to secure their spots in the prestigious tournament. As the bidding war unfolds in Dubai on December 19, cricket enthusiasts anticipate high-stakes maneuvers by franchises to build formidable squads. The inclusion of 333 players, with 116 having international experience, adds a global flavor to the auction. The fortunes of seasoned campaigners and emerging talents alike hang in the balance, making this auction a pivotal event in the cricketing calendar. With a minimum base price of 20 lakh rupees and a maximum of 2 crore rupees, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown.

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