Ishan Kishan’s Mysterious Absence Puzzles Cricket Board

Ishan Kishan
Ishan Kishan. Pix: Google

Where is Ishan Kishan? The officials of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) do not know! Fed up with the young wicketkeeper-batsman mentality, the national selectors dropped Ishan from the team. He was told to return to the national team after playing in the Ranji Trophy. Allegedly, Ishan did not listen to that. Where is he? What are Ishan doing? All this is unknown to the BCCI officials. They are completely in the dark about the young cricketer. They do not even know about the plans of the young cricketer from Jharkhand to return to the Indian team.

The Search Intensifies

Jaya Shah’s quest for the elusive Ishan Kishan continues as concerns grow within the cricketing corridors. The young wicketkeeper-batsman seems to have slipped through the cracks, prompting an unusual search by the cricket board authorities.

Ishan Kishan’s Dilemma

During the search, Ishan Kishan finds himself in a quandary. Dropped from the national squad, the mental toll on the promising cricketer is evident. The selectors’ decision to exclude him, coupled with performance concerns, has left Ishan’s future in the cricketing arena uncertain.

The Enigmatic Journey

Ishan Kishan’s journey takes an enigmatic turn as he returns from Dubai due to mental health issues just before the Test series against South Africa. The decision raises eyebrows, with questions lingering about his commitment and the board’s plans for the talented young player.

The Board’s Stance and the Upcoming Test Series

The Board is clear – no plans to include Ishan Kishan in the Test series against England. The concerns about his recent behavior and performance have overshadowed any potential comeback. Ishan remains absent from the playing XI in the first two Tests, adding to the mystery of his current status.

The T20 World Cup Dilemma

With the T20 World Cup on the horizon, speculations arise about Ishan’s return to the field. However, the cricket board officials seem skeptical about his inclusion without observing his performance in domestic cricket. The selectors consider new options, exploring the possibilities with Sanju Samson and Jitesh Sharma.

The Return from Dubai and Unanswered Questions

Before the Test series against South Africa, Ishan’s return from Dubai sparks questions about his mental health and the support system in place. The lack of visibility in Ishan’s actions leaves both the cricket board officials and fans perplexed, creating a void in the cricketing landscape.

Selectors’ Dilemma and Alternatives

The selectors are in a dilemma about Ishan’s future. With concerns about his mental well-being and performance, the board is exploring alternatives. Sanju Samson and Jitesh Sharma emerge as potential replacements, highlighting the selectors’ deliberation on reshaping the squad for upcoming challenges.

The T20 World Cup 2024 – A Ray of Hope?

Before the T20 World Cup, there is the IPL 2024. It is believed that Ishan will return to the field again in the T20 competition. It may be difficult for him to return to the Indian team even if he plays only IPL. Ishan may have to pay the penalty for not playing in the Ranji Trophy by disobeying the instructions of the selectors. Some of the officials think that the young cricketer is ending the possibility of playing the T20 World Cup 2024 himself. The national selectors are planning a new plan with Sanju Samson, and Jeetesh Sharma as an alternative to virtually useless Ishan. If Rishabh Panth returns fully fit, Agarkar’s worries will be reduced a lot.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Ishan’s future, the cricket board officials are not ready to give up on the talented young wicketkeeper-batsman. They want Ishan to open up and handle the situation independently. A board official stated, “An unusual situation has developed around Ishan. Perhaps, he genuinely needed a long break for some reason. Whatever the situation, we want Ishan to be open and deal with it independently. We are observing the matter with empathy.”


1. Why was Ishan Kishan dropped from the national squad?

– Ishan Kishan was dropped from the national squad due to concerns about his recent behavior and performance issues.

2. Is there a chance for Ishan Kishan to play in the upcoming Test series against England?

– No, there are no plans to include Ishan Kishan in the Test series against England.

3. What are the selectors considering as alternatives?

– The selectors are exploring options with Sanju Samson and Jitesh Sharma as potential replacements for Ishan Kishan.

4. Will Ishan Kishan be part of the T20 World Cup squad?

– The possibility of Ishan Kishan being part of the Indian T20 World Cup 2024 squad is uncertain, pending consistent performance and mental well-being.

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In the ever-evolving drama surrounding Ishan Kishan’s absence, the cricketing community is left waiting for answers. The enigma of Ishan Kishan continues to baffle, leaving both fans and cricket board officials in suspense. As the T20 World Cup 2024 approaches, the focus remains on the talented cricketer’s future – a future shrouded in uncertainty and awaiting resolution.

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