Like IPL, BCCI Likely Start T10 Cricket Tournament

Like IPL, BCCI Likely Start T10 Cricket. Pix: Google

In a surprising turn of events, BCCI doesn’t just want IPL to stop here. The world’s biggest cricket organization is now planning to launch the smallest version of cricket, the T10 League. This new T10 league will probably be organized from September to October 2024. The board’s leaders, fueled by the monumental success of the IPL, are actively engaged in strategic planning during the ongoing World Cup meet.

A Shift from 20 to 10: BCCI’s Bold Move

No longer constrained by the 20-over format, BCCI’s Secretary, Jay Shah, and Treasurer Roger Binnid are setting their sights on a 10-over competition this time around. Sources suggest that the proposed T10 competition could unfold in the cricketing calendar during September-October next year.

Planning in Progress: Joy Shah Takes the Lead

While the BCCI is still in the early stages of deliberation, Secretary Joy Shah is personally invested in crafting the blueprint for the new competition. The unparalleled financial triumph of the IPL has piqued his interest, driving him to spearhead the planning for this innovative endeavor.

IPL Franchise Consent: A Crucial Hurdle

However, initiating a new T10 competition is not a unilateral decision for the board. Consent from the IPL franchises is a prerequisite. As per the regulations, any competition resembling the IPL requires the approval of the existing franchises, safeguarding their vested interests. Jayara, the Secretary, must navigate this challenge to materialize his vision for a 10-over spectacle.

Franchise Buy-In: Negotiations Begin

Sources reveal that Secretary Joy has already initiated discussions with IPL franchise authorities regarding the new proposal. Initial indications suggest that obtaining consent may not pose significant hurdles, with the IPL franchises potentially given the first opportunity to acquire teams in the upcoming 10-over format.

Balancing Act: Protecting the IPL Brand

Even as BCCI contemplates expanding its cricketing portfolio, the board is cautious about diluting the brand value and competitive allure that the IPL has meticulously cultivated over the last 15 years. Preserving the distinct appeal of the IPL remains a priority for the cricketing authorities, prompting them to scrutinize the economic ramifications of introducing a parallel T10 competition.

The Why Behind the New Competition

The genesis of this innovative move lies in the evolving landscape of international cricket. With bilateral series proving to be less lucrative and the financial stability of the BCCI potentially at risk, the introduction of a new competition aims to bridge the financial deficit incurred by hosting these series. This includes addressing the revenue disparities prevalent in women’s cricket.

Looking Beyond Borders: Foreign Investment in the Offing

Notably, Saudi Arabia has already expressed interest in investing in the IPL. Board leaders are optimistic that foreign investment could extend to the proposed T10 competition as well, bolstering its financial viability. However, uncertainties loom regarding the logistics of the competition, player participation, and the willingness of foreign cricket boards to release players for dual commitments.

Financial Gain: The Driving Force

As the board navigates these uncharted waters, Secretary Joy remains singularly focused on the financial gains promised by the new competition. The intricacies of gameplay, player availability, and logistical challenges will be addressed once the primary concern of financial viability is established.

FAQ: Unraveling the Intricacies

Q: Why is BCCI considering a new T10 competition?

A: The financial instability stemming from less lucrative bilateral series and limited revenue from women’s cricket has prompted BCCI to explore new avenues for increased revenue.

Q: How will IPL franchises be involved in the new T10 competition?

A: BCCI is in talks with IPL franchises, and they may be given the first opportunity to buy teams in the proposed 10-over competition.

Q: What is the potential impact on the IPL brand value?

A: BCCI aims to carefully balance the introduction of new competition while safeguarding the distinctive brand and competitive appeal of the IPL.

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In conclusion, the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) is gearing up for a groundbreaking venture with the potential introduction of a T10 cricket competition, following the resounding success of the Indian Premier League. While the proposal is still in its nascent stages, Secretary Joy Shah’s determination to bolster financial stability and maintain cricket’s allure is evident. The delicate balance between introducing innovation and safeguarding the IPL’s iconic brand is at the forefront of BCCI’s considerations. As the cricketing fraternity eagerly awaits further developments, the prospect of a dynamic 10-over format adds a layer of excitement to the future of Indian cricket.


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