Who can Hit Duble Century like Maxwell in Middel-Oreder?

Glenn Maxwell. Pix: Google
Glenn Maxwell. Pix: Google

Cricket enthusiasts around the world were left in awe as Glenn Maxwell, the Australian middle-order batsman, played a spectacular, unbeaten innings of 201 runs in the World Cup 2023 match against Afghanistan. This remarkable feat marked the first double century in ODI cricket by a non-opener, showcasing Maxwell’s prowess in the middle order. As the cricketing world marvels at this achievement, it prompts us to explore the potential of other middle-order batsmen who could follow in Maxwell’s footsteps and score double centuries in ODI cricket. Here, we highlight five such players who could be the future stars of the cricketing world.

Maxwell Shines in World Cup Cricket 2023

Heinrich Klaasen: A Middle-Order Powerhouse

Heinrich Klaasen has emerged as a devastating batsman in the modern era, especially in the middle order. Known for his ability to handle both pace and spin, Klaasen possesses the potential to score a double century in the future. His eye-catching innings have already made him a force to be reckoned with, and if he continues to display such form, a double century might not be too far away.

Suryakumar Yadav: T20 Sensation Eyeing ODI Glory

Suryakumar Yadav may not have made a significant mark in ODI cricket yet. But his exceptional talent in T20 cricket cannot be ignored. With a penchant for hitting sixes, Yadav has the skills to effortlessly score a double century in the middle order like Maxwell. As he transitions to the longer format, cricket fans can expect fireworks from this talented Indian batsman.

Rishabh Pant: The Dynamic Middle-Order Marvel

Rishabh Pant, another promising Indian cricketer, finds a spot on this list. While he may not have replicated his explosive T20 performances in ODI cricket, Pant’s running skills and middle-order stability position him as a potential double-centurion in the future. If he capitalizes on his abilities, Pant could make headlines with remarkable innings like Maxwell.

Jos Buttler: England’s Middle-Order Maestro

The current captain of the England team, Jos Buttler, is a name synonymous with explosive batting. Although he might not be in peak form at the moment, Buttler’s ability to score double centuries as a middle-order batsman is unquestionable. Once he regains his devastating rhythm, Buttler could join the elite club of middle-order players with double centuries to their name.

Nicholas Pooran: West Indies’ Explosive Return

Nicholas Pooran of the West Indies has been in devastating form in recent months. As West Indies makes its return to ODI cricket post the 2023 World Cup, Pooran stands as a strong contender to score a double century. His aggressive style and recent performances make him a player to watch out for in future ODI encounters.


Q1: How did Glenn Maxwell’s double century impact the cricketing world?

A1: Glenn Maxwell’s unbeaten innings of 201 runs in the World Cup 2023 against Afghanistan marked the first instance of a non-opener scoring a double century in ODI cricket. This historic achievement has set a benchmark for middle-order batsmen worldwide.

Q2: Why are these middle-order batsmen considered potential double centurions like Maxwell?

A2: These middle-order batsmen, including Heinrich Klaasen, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant, Jos Buttler, and Nicholas Pooran, possess exceptional skills, a knack for aggressive batting, and a proven track record in various formats. Their consistent performances make them strong contenders to score double centuries in ODI cricket.

Q3: What factors contribute to a middle-order batsman’s success in ODIs?

A3: Success in ODIs for middle-order batsmen depends on a combination of skills, adaptability to different match situations, and the ability to build partnerships. A good mix of aggressive and sensible batting, along with a solid technique, contributes to their effectiveness in the middle order.

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In conclusion, the cricketing world is witnessing a shift in dynamics with middle-order batsmen like Maxwell making headlines. As the World Cup 2023 progresses, these potential stars have the chance to carve their path and etch their names in the annals of cricketing history with memorable double centuries.

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