Neglected Sanju Samson Selected for ODI Series Only

 Sanju Samson. Pix: X
Sanju Samson. Pix: X

Once again, what neglect! Sanju Samson, the 29-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman, finds himself in a familiar situation, returning to the Indian ODI side. But he has been left out of the T20I squad for both the ongoing series against Australia and the upcoming T20 World Cup in 2024. The rollercoaster journey of Samson’s career continues, with a pattern of inclusion and exclusion that raises questions about the management’s consistency and faith in this talented cricketer.

The Ongoing Saga

Sanju Samson’s exclusion from the T20I squad ahead of the crucial T20 World Cup 2024 seems perplexing, especially given his recent performances and contributions to the team. This omission comes despite his inclusion in the ODI squad for the upcoming India Tour Of South Africa, indicating a lack of continuity in the selection process.

A Déjà Vu Moment

This scenario mirrors a previous incident when Sanju Samson was included in the T20 squad before the ODI World Cup 2024. The déjà vu moment raises concerns about the transparency and communication within the selection committee, leaving fans and cricket enthusiasts puzzled about the criteria behind these decisions.

India Tour Of South Africa: What Lies Ahead

The upcoming India Tour Of South Africa, commencing on December 12, holds significant importance in the cricketing calendar. The series comprises three T20Is, followed by three ODIs and two Tests, contributing to the ongoing World Test Championship cycle. While Samson has secured a place in the ODI squad, his absence from the T20I squad suggests a missed opportunity to fine-tune the team dynamics ahead of the T20 World Cup.

Sanju Samson’s Journey: In and Out of the Team

Sanju Samson’s journey in and out of the Indian cricket team reflects a story of persistence and challenges. His last ODI appearance was in August during the West Indies tour, followed by participation in the T20 series in Ireland. However, despite his contributions, he missed out on a spot in the World Cup team, leaving many to question the rationale behind such decisions.

Numbers Speak: Sanju Samson’s ODI Record

The 29-year-old cricketer made his ODI debut in July 2021, and in the 13 matches played in this format, he amassed 390 runs at an impressive average of 55.71 and a striking rate of 104.00. These numbers underline his potential and the impact he can bring to the team, making his exclusion from the T20I squad all the more baffling.

Sanju Samson Opens Up: A Podcast Revelation

In a recent podcast, titled ‘I Am With Dhanya Verma,’ Sanju Samson candidly shared his feelings about being labeled ‘unlucky’ in his cricketing journey. He expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the constant ups and downs, stating, “I am not very interested in it. When I heard that, I was like, ‘What a fool!’ It’s more than I thought I’d gotten to.”

FAQ: Addressing Common Queries

Q1: Why is Sanju Samson excluded from the T20I squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup?

A1: The specific reasons for Samson’s exclusion remain unclear, raising questions about the selection criteria and communication within the Indian cricket management.

Q2: What are Sanju Samson’s recent performances in ODIs?

A2: Samson has been consistent in ODIs, scoring 390 runs in 13 matches with an average of 55.71 and a strike rate of 104.00.

Q3: How does Samson feel about the constant exclusion from the national team?

A3: In a podcast, Samson expressed feeling ‘unfortunate’ and revealed a lack of enthusiasm for the constant uncertainties in his cricketing journey.

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As Sanju Samson prepares to join the Indian ODI squad for the South Africa tour, the shadows of neglect linger over his T20I exclusion. The cricketing fraternity awaits clarity on the selection process and hopes for a more consistent and transparent approach to nurturing talent like Samson’s, ensuring that deserving players get the opportunities they merit.

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