This is the best Indian bowling in the last 50 years, said Ravi Shastri

Indian Bowling in the last 50 years, said Ravi Shastri  Pix: Google
Indian Bowling in the last 50 years, said Ravi Shastri Pix: Google

In the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023, former head coach Ravi Shastri has heaped praise on the Indian cricket team, particularly highlighting the exceptional bowling prowess displayed by the players. Shastri, who had earlier predicted India as potential champions, expressed his delight at witnessing what he believes is the best Indian bowling performance in the last 50 years.

Unleashing the Power: India’s Bowling Brilliance

“This is the best Indian bowling brigade I have seen in the last 50 years,” remarked Virat Kohli’s former mentor during a recent podcast event. Ravi Shastri attributed the team’s success to its diversity, emphasizing the individual brilliance of key players. From the incredible bowling action of Jasprit Bumrah to the seam mastery of Mohammed Shami and the aggression brought by Mohammad Siraj, the bowling department has never been more complete, according to Shastri.

A Symphony of Skills: Diverse Bowling Arsenal

“The team has stars like Bumrah whose bowling action is incredible. There are bowlers like Mohammed Shami whose seam usage is miraculous. There is also an aggressive bowler like Mohammad Siraj. There are two formidable spinners like Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav. I have never seen this complete bowling department before,” Shastri elaborated, highlighting the rich mix of skills within the squad.

Precision over Pace: The Bowling Strategy

Ravi Shastri further analyzed the team’s strategic approach, noting the minimal use of short balls in the World Cup matches. Instead, the bowlers have consistently targeted the wicket, using the short ball sparingly as a surprise weapon. The seam utilization by India’s three pacers has become a major headache for opponents, as they continue to keep the ball in the right place, showcasing a level of precision rarely seen before.

A Chance at Glory: Ravi Shastri’s Optimism

As the cricket-crazed nation eagerly watches the World Cup unfold, Ravi Shastri expressed optimism about India’s chances. “At least seven to eight cricketers of this team are at the top of their form at the moment. Maybe this is going to be their last World Cup. Judging by the environment, they continue to play and continue their winning streak. I am very optimistic about this team,” he affirmed.

Looking Ahead: Ravi Shastri’s Insights and Predictions

Reflecting on the past, Ravi Shastri dismissed concerns about the semifinal loss to New Zealand four years ago, asserting that dwelling on the past is pointless. Instead, he urged the team to focus on their current achievements and the victory over New Zealand in the ongoing World Cup.

Fearless Leadership: Rohit Sharma’s Impact

Impressed with Rohit Sharma’s leadership, Ravi Shastri commended the captain for understanding the strengths of the team and effectively managing the players. Sharma’s awareness and strategic approach have played a crucial role in India’s stellar performance in the World Cup, according to Shastri.


Q1: What does Ravi Shastri consider the key to India’s success in the World Cup 2023?

A1: Ravi Shastri attributes India’s success in the World Cup 2023 to its diverse and exceptional bowling performance, considering it the best in the last 50 years.

Q2: How has India’s bowling strategy differed in the World Cup matches?

A2: India’s bowlers have adopted a strategic approach, minimizing the use of short balls and focusing on targeting the wicket with precision. The seam utilization by pacers has proven to be a significant advantage.

Q3: What is Ravi Shastri’s outlook for the Indian cricket team in the ongoing World Cup?

A3: Ravi Shastri is optimistic about India’s chances, highlighting that several players are in top form. He encourages the team to seize the opportunity and continue their winning streak.

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In conclusion, as the ODI World Cup 2023 unfolds, Ravi Shastri’s praise for India’s bowling excellence adds another layer of excitement and anticipation for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The team’s diverse and skilled bowling arsenal, coupled with Rohit Sharma’s leadership, positions India as a formidable contender for the championship.

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