Shaheen is an ordinary bowler, Ravi Shastri Said After India vs Pakistan Match

Ravi Shastri Critiques Shahin Afridi's Performance.
Ravi Shastri Criticize Shahin Afridi’s Performance.

Ex-Head Coach of India Cricket Team Ravi Shastri Criticize Shaheen Afridi’s Performance in World Cup 2023. In the thrilling encounter between India and Pakistan in the World Cup 2023, the spotlight was not just on the intense rivalry but also on the performance of Shaheen Afridi. Ravi Shastri, the former coach of the Indian cricket team, didn’t mince his words as he critiqued Shahin Afridi’s display on the field. Let’s delve into the dynamics of the match, the clash of the Titans, and Shastri’s noteworthy comments.

Shaheen Afridi Faces Criticism

The clash between India and Pakistan in the World Cup 2023 brought a rollercoaster of emotions for cricket enthusiasts. Shaheen Afridi, known for his unpredictable bowling style, faced tough criticism from Ravi Shastri. Shastri emphasized that while Afridi is a talented bowler, comparisons with legends like Wasim Akram are unwarranted.

The Game-Changing Moment in Asia Cup 2023

Shaheen Afridi’s performance in the Asia Cup 2023 set the stage for expectations in the World Cup. During the group stage, Afridi’s crucial wickets against India had tilted the balance, putting the Indian team under pressure. However, the World Cup match brought a different narrative, as the Pakistani bowlers, despite some aggression, couldn’t contain the formidable Indian lineup.

World Cup Drama: India vs. Pakistan

The World Cup match saw Pakistan posting a total of only 191 runs in the first innings. The opening batsmen for India, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill, faced a formidable challenge. Shaheen Afridi, with his unpredictable bowling, managed to take two wickets, creating tension for the Indian team. Despite Afridi’s efforts, India secured victory without much trouble.

Ravi Shastri’s Insights

Ravi Shastri, a key figure in India’s cricketing history, shared his insights on Shahin Afridi’s performance. “Shaheen Shah Afridi is not Wasim Akram. While he is a good bowler, there is no need to overhype him. When he performs well, there’s no need to exaggerate; he is an unpredictable bowler,” remarked Shastri. These comments stirred discussions among cricket enthusiasts about the expectations placed on emerging talents.

Performance Metrics: Afridi vs. Bumrah

In the ongoing World Cup, Shaheen Afridi has taken four wickets in three matches, showcasing his ability to make an impact. On the other hand, India’s Jasprit Bumrah leads the list of highest wicket-takers with eight wickets in three matches. The comparison between Afridi and Bumrah highlights the fierce competition among bowlers in the tournament.

World Cup Journey for Pakistan

Despite the defeat against India, Pakistan had secured victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka in consecutive matches before the encounter with their arch-rivals. As the tournament progresses, the Pakistani team aims to maintain its winning momentum.

Upcoming Challenge: Pakistan vs. Australia

The next challenge for the Pakistani team is a crucial match against Australia on October 20th. Australia, yet to secure a victory in this year’s World Cup, will be eager to turn the tide in their favor. The clash promises high-stakes drama and will be closely watched by cricket fans worldwide.


Q1: What were Shaheen Afridi’s notable performances in the World Cup 2023?

A1: Shaheen Afridi’s standout performance was in the Asia Cup 2023 against India, where he took crucial wickets. In the World Cup, he managed to secure four wickets in three matches.

Q2: How did Ravi Shastri critique Shaheen Afridi?

A2: Ravi Shastri emphasized that while Shaheen Afridi is a talented bowler, comparisons with legends like Wasim Akram are unnecessary. Shastri believes Afridi’s performance should speak for itself.

Q3: Who is leading the wicket-taking charts in the World Cup 2023?

A3: India’s Jasprit Bumrah is leading the list of highest wicket-takers in the ongoing World Cup with eight wickets in three matches.

Q4: What is Pakistan’s performance in the World Cup so far?

A4: Despite a defeat against India, Pakistan secured victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka in consecutive matches. Their upcoming challenge is against Australia.

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The clash between India and Pakistan in the World Cup 2023 not only showcased the intense rivalry between the two cricketing giants but also sparked discussions about emerging talents like Shaheen Afridi. Ravi Shastri’s critique adds an extra layer of scrutiny, highlighting the expectations and challenges faced by young players in the world of international cricket. As the tournament progresses, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters and standout performances from both established and rising stars.

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