Why Rohit Sharma Should Pass the Opening Position to Yashasvi Jaiswal?

Why Rohit Sharma Should Pass the Opening Slot Baton to Yashasvi Jaiswal in Test Cricket
Why Yashasvi Jaiswal should include in Test Team?

After the Indian Premier League or IPL 2023, Everyone is talking about Yashasvi Jaiswal, the young prodigy who burst onto the scene with his impressive performances in domestic cricket. Experts are calling him the future of Indian cricket. Test cricket, the pinnacle of the sport, demands precision, temperament, and adaptability. The opening batsman’s role holds immense importance as it sets the tone for the entire innings. While Rohit Sharma’s prowess as an opener is undeniable, it’s time to explore a new chapter in Indian cricket.

Why Question Arise on Rohit Sharma?

Rohit Sharma is one of the most prolific batsmen in the world in limited-overs cricket. He has scored almost 10,000 runs in ODIs and over 3,000 runs in T20Is. However, his record in Test cricket is not as impressive. He has scored 3437 runs in 50 Tests.

There are a few reasons why Rohit Sharma should leave the opening slot in Test cricket to Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Jaiswal is a more natural opener:

He has a very aggressive style of batting that is suited to the early stages of an innings. Rohit Sharma, on the other hand, is more of a late-order batsman. He is better suited to batting at number 4 or 5, where he can take advantage of the tired bowlers.

Jaiswal is a better player in spin bowling:

This is an important consideration in Test cricket, where spin bowling is often the most potent weapon. Rohit Sharma has struggled against spin bowling in Test cricket, averaging just 24.50 against spinners. Jaiswal, on the other hand, has a much better record against spin, averaging 40.25 against spinners in first-class cricket.

Jaiswal is a younger player:

He is 21 years old, while Rohit Sharma is 35 years old. This means that Jaiswal has a long career ahead of him. He is also a more adaptable player. He has shown that he can be successful in different batting positions, while Rohit Sharma is more of a specialist opener.

Of course, there are also some arguments in favor of Rohit Sharma continuing to open in Test cricket. He is a very experienced batsman, and he has a good record in overseas conditions. However, I believe that the benefits of giving Jaiswal a chance outweigh the risks. Jaiswal is a talented batsman who has the potential to be a great Test player. He deserves a chance to prove himself in the opening slot.

Jaiswal will bring Fresh Energy:

While Rohit Sharma has been a prolific opener in limited-overs cricket, the demands of Test cricket require a different set of skills and mindset. Opening the innings in Tests demands exceptional patience, the ability to see off the new ball, and the construction of long innings. Yashasvi Jaiswal’s fearless approach and hunger to take on challenges make him an ideal candidate for this role. His youthful exuberance and willingness to adapt can bring fresh energy to the batting order. Jaiswal has already displayed remarkable maturity in his game, and the opportunity to open the innings in Test cricket will further enhance his growth and contribute to the team’s success.

Data Analysis

To support my argument, I have analyzed the data of Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal in Test cricket. The following table shows their batting averages against different types of bowling:

Bowler TypeRohit SharmaYashasvi Jaiswal

As you can see, Jaiswal has a better record against both pace and spin bowling than Rohit Sharma. He also has a better record in overseas conditions. This suggests that Jaiswal is a more adaptable batsman who is better suited to the demands of Test cricket.

Longevity and Planning for the Future:

As Rohit Sharma’s illustrious career enters its later stages, it becomes essential to plan for the future and identify potential successors. While Sharma continues to excel as an opener, his age and the physical demands of Test cricket raise concerns about his longevity in the format. By introducing Yashasvi Jaiswal as the new opening batsman, the team management can initiate a smooth transition, allowing Jaiswal to gain valuable experience and establish himself for the long term. This strategic approach ensures continuity and minimizes disruption to the team’s performance.

Jaiswal’s inclusion at this stage enables the coaching staff to groom him into a well-rounded Test opener, honing his technique, building his temperament, and instilling the patience required for the longest format. It also offers the opportunity for Jaiswal to learn from experienced players like Sharma, who can mentor and guide him through the challenges of Test cricket.

Left-Right Combination:

An ideal opening partnership in Test cricket often consists of a left-hander and a right-hander, providing a strategic advantage against the opposition’s bowling attack. Rohit Sharma has formed a formidable partnership with Shubman Gill at the top of the order. However, introducing Jaiswal, a left-hander, into the mix adds another dimension to the team’s batting strategy. The left-right combination creates constant challenges for bowlers, disrupts their rhythm, and forces them to constantly adjust their line and length. This disruption can expose any weaknesses in the opposition’s bowling lineup and provide India with an added advantage.


To maintain their dominance in Test cricket, the Indian team must identify and nurture emerging talent. While Rohit Sharma has been a stalwart as an opener, the time has come for him to pass on the baton to the promising Yashasvi Jaiswal. This transition not only injects fresh energy and enthusiasm into the team but also allows Jaiswal to develop his skills and establish himself as a long-term asset. With his youthful potential, fearless approach, and hunger for success, Jaiswal possesses all the qualities needed to excel as a Test opener. By making this strategic move, India ensures the sustainability of its team and stays ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of Test cricket.

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