2024 IPL Auction: What is the bid price Cummins, and Rachin?

2024 IPL Auction. Pix: Google
2024 IPL Auction. Pix: Google

The 2024 IPL Auction is generating unprecedented excitement as cricketing powerhouses vie for the signatures of world-class players. One name that stands out in the bidding war is the World Cup-winning Australian captain, Pat Cummins. Let’s delve into the details of the anticipated minimum bid for Cummins and other players, including the intriguing case of New Zealand’s Rachin Ravindra.

The Minimum Price Tags in the 2024 IPL Auction: Cummins, Head, Starc, and More

In the high-stakes world of IPL auctions, the minimum price tags set by players often become a focal point. According to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), franchises eyeing the services of Pat Cummins, Travis Head, and Mitchell Starc will need to shell out a minimum of 2 crores INR. This benchmark amount reflects the base price for these formidable cricketers in the upcoming auction on December 19.

Star-Studded Line-Up: Smith, English, Hazlewood, and More

The auction isn’t just about the marquee players; it’s a star-studded affair with World Cup champions like Steve Smith, Jos Buttler, and Josh Hazlewood gracing the list. The minimum bidding price for these luminaries is also set at a formidable 2 crores INR. The anticipation is palpable as franchises strategize to secure these impactful players for the upcoming IPL season.

Indian Players in the Mix: Patel, Yadav, and a Surprise Entry

Indian players have set their benchmarks for the auction, adding a local flavor to the global spectacle. Harshal Patel, recently released by Royal Challengers Bangalore, has a minimum price of 2 crores INR for franchises eyeing his services. Similarly, the experienced campaigner Umesh Yadav, released by Kolkata Knight Riders, has maintained his base price at a competitive 2 crores INR.

Surprising Entry: Kedar Jadhav’s Minimum Bid

A surprise entry in the 2 crores INR club is former Indian batsman Kedar Jadhav. Despite being away from the international spotlight, Jadhav has set his minimum bid at 2 crores INR, adding an intriguing twist to the auction dynamics.

Rachin Ravindra: The Kiwi Sensation’s Price Speculation

While the big names command attention, the spotlight is also on emerging talents like New Zealand’s Rachin Ravindra. With a modest base price of 50 lakhs INR, Ravindra has set the stage for potential bidding wars. However, speculation is rife that his final bid could skyrocket to a substantial 10 crores INR, underscoring the demand for promising young talent.

Global Talents: Coetzee, Van der Dussen, and Harsong

Beyond the Australian and New Zealand contingents, the auction also features promising talents from South Africa and Sri Lanka. South African duo Gerald Coetzee and Rassie van der Dussen are expected to command attention and potentially secure lucrative deals. Sri Lankan spinner Wanindu Harsong has set his minimum bid at 1.5 million INR, making him an affordable yet impactful option for franchises.

FAQs: Answering Your Burning Questions

Q1: What is the minimum bid for Pat Cummins in the 2024 IPL Auction?

A1: The minimum bid for Pat Cummins, along with players like Travis Head and Mitchell Starc, is set at 2 crores INR.

Q2: Who are the World Cup-winning players in the 2024 IPL auction, and what is their minimum bid?

A2: World Cup champions Steve Smith, Jos Inglis, and Josh Hazlewood have a minimum bid of 2 crores INR in the auction.

Q3: What is Rachin Ravindra’s base price, and how much could it potentially rise to in the 2024 IPL Auction ?

A3: Rachin Ravindra’s base price is 50 lakhs INR, but there is speculation that his final bid might reach up to 10 crores INR.

Q4: Which Indian players have set their minimum bid at 2 crores INR in the 2024 IPL Auction?

A4: Indian players Harshal Patel, Umesh Yadav, and surprising entrant Kedar Jadhav have set their minimum bids at 2 crores INR.

Q5: How much can franchises collectively spend in the 2024 IPL Auction?

A5: Franchises participating in the Dubai auction will have the opportunity to spend a total of 262 crores 95 lakhs INR.

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In Conclusion: The Auction Extravaganza Awaits

As the 2024 IPL Auction approaches, the cricketing world is on the edge of its seat, eager to witness the drama unfold. From established stars to rising talents, the auction promises to be a spectacle of strategic bidding and intense competition. Stay tuned on December 19 as franchises lock horns in pursuit of assembling the most formidable squads for the upcoming IPL season.

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