Why Shreyas Iyer Chooses Not to Bowl For India?

Shreyas Iyer. Pix: Google
Shreyas Iyer. Pix: Google

In the world of cricket, the name Shreyas Iyer evokes images of an elegant batsman, known for his stylish strokes and match-winning performances. Shreyas Iyer, the prolific Indian cricketer, has etched his name in the annals of the sport with his remarkable prowess with the willow. However, there’s a lingering question that has puzzled many cricket enthusiasts: Why does Shreyas refrain from bowling, despite having a reputation as a proficient off-spinner?

Shreyas Iyer: A Batting Maestro with a Bowling Twist?

It’s a curious case – a batsman who once showcased his bowling skills in the nets, earning accolades for his off-spin. Shreyas Iyer, often hailed as the rising star of Indian cricket, has an interesting dual talent. While he’s primarily recognized for his batting prowess, there was a time when he would confidently roll his arm over, adding versatility to his cricketing repertoire.

The Mystery Unveiled: Why the Abstention from Bowling?

In a candid revelation, Shreyas Iyer shared the reason behind his bowling abstinence. “I am looking forward to bowling in the national jersey. Once I used to bowl regularly in Mumbai nets. But lately, I have stopped bowling. Because of a back injury,” he said. The tale takes a twist – a back injury, the nemesis of many athletes, led to the cessation of Shreyas’s bowling endeavors.

The team’s strength and conditioning coach, recognizing the significance of Shreyas’s well-being, made the call to ban him from bowling. It’s a sacrifice, as Shreyas acknowledges, “You have to sacrifice so much to prolong your career.” The toll of injuries is evident in Shreyas’s career, with his journey marred by setbacks.

Navigating the Injury Maze: Shreyas Iyer’s Battleground

Shreyas Iyer’s career has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, with injuries posing formidable challenges. A shoulder injury marked the onset of his battles with physical setbacks, followed by a severe back injury that demanded surgery. The fourth Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy this year was overshadowed by the dark cloud of injury, sidelining Shreyas for months.

The toll on his career is glaring – the absence from the IPL, missing out on multiple series for India, and a mere 7.3 overs bowled on the international stage. Despite boasting an impressive record of 10 wickets in first-class cricket across all formats, Shreyas’s bowling journey on the big stage remains a tale of unfulfilled potential.

Shreyas Shines with the Bat: A Consolation Amidst Bowling Constraints

The cricketing world may miss witnessing Iyer’s spin magic, but his batting brilliance continues to captivate fans. In the last T20 match against Australia, he showcased his mettle by scoring 53 runs off 37 balls at the coveted number three position. His innings, embellished with 5 fours and 2 sixes, reaffirmed his standing as a reliable and dynamic batsman.

As Iyer prepares to embark on the journey to the rainbow country for the upcoming series against South Africa, the absence of his bowling might be felt, but his commitment to contributing with the bat remains unwavering.

FAQs: Unraveling the Mysteries Surrounding Shreyas’s Bowling

Q1: Is Shreyas Iyer still interested in bowling?

A1: Absolutely! Shreyas Iyer has expressed his eagerness to bowl in the national jersey. However, a back injury and the subsequent ban imposed by the team’s strength and conditioning coach currently restrict him from showcasing his off-spin skills.

Q2: How severe was Shreyas Iyer’s back injury?

A2: Shreyas Iyer’s back injury was significant enough to necessitate surgery. This forced him to stay away from the field for an extended period, impacting his participation in crucial tournaments and series.

Q3: Has Shreyas Iyer been successful as a bowler in international cricket?

A3: Unfortunately, due to his limited opportunities caused by injuries, Shreyas Iyer has bowled only 7.3 overs on the international stage and is yet to claim a wicket. However, he has a commendable record of taking 10 wickets in first-class cricket across formats.

Q4: How has Shreyas Iyer compensated for his inability to bowl?

A4: Despite the bowling constraints, Shreyas Iyer has consistently shone with the bat. His recent innings in the T20 match against Australia, where he scored 53 runs, exemplifies his ability to contribute significantly as a batsman.

Q5: How many wickets Shreyas Iyer got for India?

A5:  Shreyas Iyer has bowled only 7.3 overs on the international stage and is yet to claim a wicket.

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In the intriguing tale of Shreyas Iyer‘s cricketing journey, the mystery of his bowling hiatus remains, leaving fans hopeful for the day when this talented cricketer can once again showcase his skills with both bat and ball on the grand stage.

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