Ajit Agarkar as chief selector: How Good it Would Be?

Ajit Agarkar. Pix: The Indian Express
Ajit Agarkar. Pix: The Indian Express

The Indian Cricket Board recently appointed former all-rounder and veteran selector Ajit Agarkar as the new Chief Selector. Known for his strict approach and bold decision-making, Agarkar’s appointment has stirred excitement and anxiety among cricket enthusiasts. With a history of making controversial selections during his tenure as Mumbai’s chief selector, Agarkar brings a no-nonsense attitude to the National Election Committee. This blog post discusses Agarkar’s selection philosophy, the challenges he may face, and the potential impact on Indian cricket.

Ajit Agarkar: Tough as a Nail Picker

Ajit Agarkar’s reputation precedes him. He has a reputation for taking an uncompromising stance throughout his career, both as a player and a selector. Agarkar’s tenure as Mumbai’s chief selector demonstrated his willingness to make tough decisions, often sidelining well-established players in favor of performance-based selections. Suryakumar Yadav, Dhawal Kulkarni, Akhil Herwadkar, Aditya Tare, and Armaan Zafar, among others, felt the consequences of Agarkar’s tough stance.

Ajit Agarkar Controversy and Unease:

The Work of Agarkar’s Mumbai Cricket Association. Agarkar’s term as the Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) chief selector was full of controversy. His decision-making style repeatedly unsettled MCA officials, leading to heated relations and heated debates. Some influential figures in Mumbai cricket have even suggested Agarkar resign to deal with the situation. However, complications surrounding party elections prevented him from resigning, eventually leading to the dismissal of the entire selection committee, including Agarkar.

Agarkar’s Journey to Becoming Chief Selector:

After resigning from the MCA, Agarkar looked for new opportunities and applied for the coveted post of chief selector. Having previously served as assistant coach of the IPL franchise Delhi Capitals, Agarkar’s international cricket experience and reputation for making tough decisions put him ahead of other candidates. As expected, the Indian Cricket Board has appointed Agarkar as chief selector, fueling speculation about the potential impact on the team’s composition and dynamics.

Challenges Ahead: Senior Players and Young Talent

With the upcoming ODI World Cup, Agarkar faces the challenge of striking a delicate balance between giving opportunities to young, emerging talents and ensuring the performance and consistency of senior players. Indian cricket officials and pundits have expressed concern that some established players may struggle to retain their place in the team if they fail to deliver consistent performances. The pressure to prove themselves in the face of increasing competition can weigh heavily on senior players.

Bold Vision: Merit Over Fame

The Indian Cricket Board’s decision to appoint Ajit Agarkar as Chief Selector stems from their desire to bring about changes in the selection process. Based on his past success, Agarkar’s appointment signals a departure from the days of factional and name-based elections. The board wants to prioritize merit and performance, challenging players to earn their place in the team through consistent excellence on the field. Agarkar’s track record in making bold decisions is consistent with this view.

Agarkar Know’s the Modern Day Cricket

It is a significant move that Ajit Agarkar became the new chief selector of the Indian Cricket team.
He is the first Indian chief selector to have played in both the IPL and T20 International cricket, and his knowledge of both games would be quite helpful. Former fast bowler Agarkar represented India in 26 Tests, 191 ODIs, and 4 T20 Internationals. He was the part of India Cricket Team, which took home the first T20 World Cup in 2007 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. He also played in the IPL for Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders.

The appointment of Agarkar is evidence that the BCCI is thinking ahead. He is a young, modern personality who is well-connected in the cricketing community. He can establish relationships with the coaching staff and players because he is a good communicator. The selection of Agarkar marks a new phase in Indian cricket. He possesses the knowledge and the vision to lead India to dominance in all game formats.


With Agarkar taking over as the new chief selector, Indian cricket has entered a new era of tough decisions and performance-based selection. While concerns and speculation surround his approach, it is clear that Ajit Agarkar’s appointment signals a commitment to fairness and meritocracy. Only time will tell how Agarkar’s difficult choices would affect the future of the Indian cricket team as it gets ready for the 2023 World Cup. Exciting times are ahead for Indian cricket as the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of Agarkar’s selection process.

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