Tamim-Controversy: The Unfolding Drama in Bangladesh Cricket

Drama in Bangladesh Cricket. Pix: Twitter
Drama in Bangladesh Cricket. Pix: Twitter

Over the past three eventful days, Bangladesh cricket has been embroiled in a series of dramatic events following the Tamim-controversy. From the sudden retirement of Tamim Iqbal, the national cricket team captain, to his subsequent return under the intervention of the Prime Minister, the cricketing culture in Bangladesh has witnessed a whirlwind of emotions. As a nation that takes immense pride in its cricketing heritage, the unfolding drama has left no aspect untouched.

With the World Cup only three months away, the impact of these incidents on the team’s mindset and performance remains a lingering question. In this blog post, we delve into the key events surrounding the controversy and shed light on the uncertainties that have gripped Bangladesh cricket during this turbulent period.

The Tamim-Controversy

The controversy first unfolded on Tuesday afternoon when Tamim Iqbal announced that he was not fully fit but intended to play in the upcoming match against Afghanistan. This decision raised concerns within the team management and the cricketing fraternity, as playing with an injury could potentially aggravate the situation and hinder the team’s performance. Coach Chandika Hathurusingha expressed his discontent with Tamim’s stance, emphasizing the importance of players being in optimal physical condition before taking the field.

Wednesday’s One-Day Match and Tamim’s Retirement Announcement

Despite the brewing controversy, Bangladesh faced Afghanistan in a one-day match on Wednesday. Tamim, although not fully fit, played and managed to score 13 runs. However, immediately after the match, he sent shockwaves through the cricketing world by announcing his retirement and scheduling a press conference for the following day. The board officials attempted to reach out to Tamim to discuss his retirement decision, but their calls went unanswered, hinting at his distressed state of mind.

Thursday’s Emotional Retirement and Prime Minister’s Intervention

On Thursday afternoon, Tamim Iqbal held a press conference to announce his retirement from international cricket after a remarkable 16-year career. Overwhelmed with emotions, he expressed gratitude to his mentors, coaches, the Bangladesh Cricket Board, his family, and the fans for their unwavering support throughout his journey. Tamim’s tearful farewell revealed the immense difficulty he faced in bidding farewell to the sport he cherished most. Despite his retirement announcement, the drama was far from over.

The unexpected twist came on Friday when Tamim, after a conversation with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, reversed his retirement decision and decided to return to cricket. He attributed his change of heart to the Prime Minister’s intervention, along with the counsel of board president Nazmul Hasan Papon and former captain Mashrafe Mortaza. Prime Minister Hasina granted Tamim a break of one and a half months, highlighting the significance of mental well-being.

Will there be an improvement in the relationship between Tamim and Papon?

The retirement decision of Tamim Iqbal, a prominent figure in Bangladesh Cricket, within 29 hours of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention has raised questions about the future of Bangladesh Cricket. Despite withdrawing his retirement decision after a meeting with the Prime Minister at her residence on Friday afternoon, concerns remain about the impact of these events on the relationship between Tamim and the Bangladesh Cricket Board President, Nazmul Hasan Papon. It is uncertain whether the resolution reached will lead to long-term improvements or if tensions may arise again at any time.

What did Papon say about Tamim?

Papon, in his comments on Friday morning, referred to Tamim’s retirement as a “drama,” highlighting the need for a careful evaluation of their relationship within the context of Bangladesh Cricket. Even though they were seen together at the Prime Minister’s residence, doubts linger as to whether their relationship can truly move forward. Papon’s earlier statements raise questions about the possibility of Tamim being able to fully let go of those remarks.

With Bangladesh Cricket at the center of attention, it is crucial to address the impact of these events on the sport in the country. The management of Bangladesh Cricket, including the Bangladesh Cricket Board, must work diligently to ensure a stable and constructive environment. The focus should be on maintaining a positive trajectory for the future, fostering unity within the team, and avoiding any further disruptions that could hinder the progress of Bangladesh Cricket.


The Tamim-controversy and the subsequent retirement and return of Tamim Iqbal have left Bangladesh cricket in a state of uncertainty. The intensity of the drama over the past three days has underscored the challenges and emotions associated with the sport. As the national team gears up for the impending World Cup, the impact of these incidents on the players’ mindset and team cohesion remains to be seen.

Cricket enthusiasts hope that the team can find stability and unity amidst the turbulence, enabling them to perform at their best on the global stage. Bangladesh cricket continues to captivate its fans, and it is through resilience and determination that the team will overcome these obstacles and strive for success in the forthcoming challenges.

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