Bumrah got an additional role in Team India

Jasprit Bumrah. Pix: X
Jasprit Bumrah. Pix: X

Jasprit Bumrah Shouldering Responsibilities and Shaping India’s Future Pace Attack. In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cricket, Jasprit Bumrah emerges as a pivotal figure, stepping into new shoes and steering the ship of the pace bowling department. With Mohammed Shami sidelined due to injury in the England series, Bumrah has embraced the challenge, not only as a potent force on the field but also as a mentor to nurture the young talents within the team.

Bumrah’s Take on Leadership

In a candid conversation, Bumrah revealed, “Our team is undergoing a transformation, and I believe it’s my responsibility to assist others. It can be in any way possible.” This assertion underscores Bumrah’s growing leadership role within the Indian cricket setup.

Shaping the Next Generation

Bumrah’s influence extends beyond his performance on the field. Recognizing the need to uplift the budding pace bowlers, he stated, “We discuss many things. Apart from that, I spend a lot of time with captain Rohit Sharma, playing a mentor role.” This mentorship could prove crucial in shaping the future of India’s fast-bowling arsenal.

Numbers Take a Back Seat for Bumrah

While Bumrah boasts enviable statistics on Indian soil, he remains indifferent to numbers. “I have always said I don’t focus on statistics. When I was younger, I used to get excited. But now, I understand numbers better,” he remarked. Bumrah’s mature outlook signifies a focus on the game’s nuances rather than being swayed by mere statistics.

Bumrah vs. Anderson: No Competition

As comparisons with England’s James Anderson arise, Bumrah maintains a grounded perspective. “There is no competition with Anderson. Before becoming a cricketer, I used to watch bowlers playing aggressively. If someone performed well, I would appreciate them,” Bumrah clarified. His emphasis lies in assessing match situations and adapting to the demands of the game.


Q1: How does Bumrah view his role in the team?

A: Bumrah sees his role as more than just a bowler; he considers it his responsibility to assist and mentor younger players as the team transforms.

Q2: Is Bumrah focused on his statistics?

A: No, Bumrah remains indifferent to statistics. He acknowledges that while he used to get excited about numbers in his younger days, he now understands the game’s intricacies better.

Q3: What is Bumrah’s take on comparisons with James Anderson?

A: Bumrah dismisses any competition with Anderson, emphasizing that he appreciates good performances by fellow bowlers. His focus is on adapting to match situations and not relying on one particular aspect.

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Jasprit Bumrah’s dual role in shouldering the pace bowling responsibilities and guiding the next generation reflects his evolving stature in Indian cricket. As the team navigates through transformations, Bumrah‘s influence extends beyond the pitch, leaving an indelible mark on the future of India’s pace attack.

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