Ishan Kishan Ignored the Ranji Trophy Again

Ishan Kishan
Ishan Kishan. Pix: Google

Ishan Kishan, What is the mystery behind his absence in Ranji Trophy Raises Eyebrows?
Ishan Kishan, the talented young cricketer, known for his explosive batting and wicketkeeping skills, has been conspicuously absent from the Jharkhand team in the ongoing Ranji Trophy. This marks the fifth consecutive match where Ishan has not donned the whites for his state team, raising questions and eyebrows alike.

Where is Ishan Kishan?

The ongoing Ranji Trophy, now in its sixth round, witnessed Jharkhand taking on Haryana without the presence of their star player, Ishan Kishan. His absence in the domestic circuit prompts us to delve into the reasons behind this unusual hiatus.

Rahul Dravid’s Stand

Ishan Kishan’s absence from the Indian team for the first Test against South Africa and subsequently taking leave before the second Test due to mental health issues has kept him away from competitive cricket. Coach Rahul Dravid made it clear that if Ishan intends to make a comeback, he must be actively involved in playing somewhere.

Ranji Mystery

The Ranji Trophy, which commenced on January 5th, saw the second Test against South Africa beginning on January 3rd. Logically, even if Ishan didn’t play the Test, he could have participated in the subsequent Ranji matches. However, he has been missing from action in all five matches that followed.

Ishan’s Cricketing Moves: IPL or Domestic Cricket?

The buzz around Ishan Kishan has been growing as he has been spotted practicing in Baroda, not with the Jharkhand team but alongside IPL teammates Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya. Reports suggest that Ishan is focusing on fitness training with minimal batting practice. The question arises – is Ishan strategically eyeing the IPL for a national team comeback?

IPL Connection

Ishan’s association with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL aligns with his current practice partners, Hardik and Krunal Pandya. Hardik, the newly appointed captain of Mumbai Indians, has been guiding Ishan in his practice sessions. The correlation between Ishan’s absence from the Ranji team and his rigorous IPL-oriented training suggests a calculated move to pave his way back into the national squad.

FAQ: Unraveling the Ishan Kishan Mystery

Q1: Why is Ishan Kishan absent from the Ranji Trophy?

A: Ishan Kishan took leave from the Indian team due to mental health issues before the second Test against South Africa, and his absence from the Ranji Trophy remains unexplained.

Q2: Is Ishan Kishan practicing for IPL?

A: Yes, Ishan has been spotted practicing with IPL teammates Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya in Baroda, indicating a potential focus on IPL preparation.

Q3: What did Rahul Dravid say about Ishan Kishan’s break?

A: Rahul Dravid mentioned that Ishan asked for a break, which was granted, and he is free to return when he feels ready. Dravid did not emphasize a return through domestic cricket.

The Road Ahead

Recently, Indian team coach Rahul Dravid addressed Ishan Kishan’s break, stating, “We happily gave him a break. He will return when he is ready to play. I am not saying that he should return by playing domestic cricket. I mean, he has to play some cricket if he can make himself. You can come back after that. We don’t want to force him to do anything. He is in touch with us.”

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As the cricketing world eagerly awaits Ishan Kishan‘s return, his strategic approach to utilize the IPL as a platform to showcase his skills before the T20 World Cup 2024 adds an intriguing dimension to his current absence from the domestic circuit. Will Ishan’s calculated moves lead him back to the national team? Only time will tell.

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