Captain Kohli can leave total leadership, hints Shastri

Captain Kohli can leave total leadership, hints Shastri

Captain Kohli can leave leadership, PC TwitterOutgoing coach Ravi Shastri has hinted that captain Virat may give up his captaincy from test cricket also. Shastri thinks that captain Kohli can take such a decision to relieve himself.

In particular, he will not be surprised if something like this happens to the cricketers who are getting more and more stressed in the biosecurity zone during COVID time.

Captain Kohli may gave up the leadership

What did Ravi Shastri say?

Talking to a channel on Friday about the future of captain Kohli, Shastri said, “India has been the number one team in red-ball cricket for the last five years. If Virat doesn’t want to leave on his own unless the mental exhaustion goes away. Then hopefully, he will continue as captain. It’s a fact that in Test cricket, he is a great messenger.”

The outgoing coach added, “But it is not unexpected that he has given up the captaincy to ease the pressure on himself. He can say that he wants to focus more on his batting. This decision may be taken in the future.”

 Under coach Ravi Shastri, captain Kohli’s royal rise has taken place in the last seven years. Shastri adds, “It may not happen now. But in the future, Virat may make such a decision. I think Virat could also say that he is not interested in leading One Day. He will only captain the Test side.”

What did Shastri observe about captain Kohli?

The outgoing coach observed, “This decision is in the hands of captain Kohli. He will decide after looking at all the aspects. But he is not the first. Earlier, many cricketers decided to leave the captaincy to focus on their batting.” Sachin Tendulkar made the same decision. 

However, Shastri did not forget to mention that Kohli is the fittest cricketer in the team. “He is very hungry for cricket. Captain Kohki is the fittest player on this team, no doubt. This physical ability will prolong his cricketing life. It is his decision whether to keep the captaincy or not.

However, I think he can give up the white-ball cricket leadership completely and remain test cricket. Because one of the great ambassadors of Test cricket is captain Virat Kohli.”

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What did Shastri say about Ganguly?

Shastri also spoke about his relationship with current board president Sourav Ganguly. There has been a lot of bitterness between the two in the past. He said, “mutual respect is intact.”

What did Shastri say about Dravid?

Commenting on his successor Rahul Dravid, Ravi Shastri said, “Rahul is very much capable. Rahul had worked a great job with young cricketers.”

 He also said, “he is getting a ready team. I am sure Rahul will take Indian cricket forward. Maybe Rahul will do better than me.” Shastri thinks, “He does not need my advice. Maybe Rahul will do a better job than me.” 

His observation about his tenure, “I have never been so satisfied.” He added, “Indian cricketers do not put the IPL ahead of the country at all. The main goal of all of them is to play well for the country.”

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The partnership between captain Kohli and coach Shastri

The partnership between captain Kohli and coach Shastri will be named as one of the most successful in Indian cricket. India became a formidable visiting team in Test cricket under his coaching, spending 42 months at the top of the ICC rankings.

But captain Kohli and coach Shastri did not win any ICC trophy under their partnership.

India’s record under coach Shastri and captain Kohli

Tests: 43 matches — 25 wins and 13 losses

ODIs: 76 matches — 51 wins and 22 losses

T20Is: 65 matches — 43 wins and 18 losses

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Captain Kohli and BCCI

He has stepped down as captain of T20 cricket. Now the question is whether Virat Kohli will be the captain in ODI cricket too. To find out, Sourav Ganguly’s Indian Cricket Board will talk to captain Kohli. Such is the news of an all-India media.

The BCCI wants Kohli to relinquish his one-day cricket captaincy. So that he can concentrate on his batting and return to his best form the media quoted board sources as saying.

It is expected that captain Kohli will step down as ODI captain in the series against South Africa. The series is starting on January 11 next year. From that series, Rohit Sharma will also take charge of the national team in one-day cricket. Lokesh Rahul will be the co-captain.


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