Back in Practice, Prithvi Shaw is Trolled for Extra Body Fat


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Prithvi Shaw, often in the limelight for his on-field prowess and off-field controversies, is once again at the center of attention. As franchises announced their retain and release lists ahead of the IPL 2024 mini-auction, Shaw’s fate took an unexpected turn. Despite a lackluster performance in the previous season, Delhi Capitals decided to retain the young opener, raising eyebrows and sparking discussions about the team’s IPL strategy for 2024.

Prithvi Shaw’s Roller Coaster Journey

Prithvi Shaw, at the age of 24, finds himself at a crucial juncture in his cricketing career. Once a promising talent, Shaw’s journey has been marred by inconsistency and setbacks. Dropped from the Indian team and facing slim chances of a comeback, Shaw’s struggle is palpable. The IPL has been his stage for redemption, but the path seems rocky.

Shaw’s Return and the Weighty Critique

As the IPL 2024 preparations kick-off, a video surfaced on Shaw’s official Instagram, showcasing his practice session in the Delhi Capitals jersey. However, what caught the eye of fans and critics alike was Shaw’s apparent lack of fitness. The video depicted a visibly overweight Shaw, with comments pouring in about his increased weight and visible belly. The caption, mentioning that he has been training for three months, added fuel to the fire.

The social media sphere quickly turned into a platform for trolling, with fans making light of Shaw’s physical transformation. The buzz around Shaw’s weight has become a talking point, overshadowing the anticipation of the upcoming IPL season.

Delhi Capitals IPL Strategy 2024: Retaining the Controversial Opener

Delhi Capitals’ decision to retain Prithvi Shaw raises questions about the team’s strategy for the upcoming season. Despite a lack of stellar performances in the recent past, the franchise seems to have faith in Shaw’s potential. The IPL 2024 mini-auction will be a litmus test for Shaw, offering him a final opportunity to prove his mettle and secure his place in the team.

The IPL Buzz and Player Preparations

While Prithvi Shaw’s situation adds a layer of intrigue to the IPL narrative, the overall excitement for the tournament is palpable. Fans are eagerly awaiting the 17th season of the Indian Premier League, with the mini-auction scheduled for December 19 in Dubai.

Several players have already started gearing up for the upcoming season, signaling the beginning of the IPL frenzy. The competition is expected to be fierce, with teams strategizing and reshaping their squads for a shot at glory.

Prithvi Shaw: The Prodigy With Unfulfilled Potential

Prithvi Shaw burst onto the scene with a flurry of runs and records, earning him comparisons to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. However, his career has been marked by inconsistency and controversies, leaving many to wonder about his true potential. Here’s an FAQ about this enigmatic young cricketer:

Early Life and Career:

  • Born: November 9, 1999, in Virar, Maharashtra, India.
  • First-class debut: 2016, for Mumbai.
  • International debut: 2018, in Tests against West Indies.

Playing Style:

  • Batting: Elegant, powerful, possesses exceptional timing and shot-making ability.

Major Achievements:

  • Youngest Indian to score a Test century on debut: 19 years and 252 days vs. West Indies (2018).
  • Second youngest Indian to score a Test century: 19 years and 318 days vs. West Indies (2018).
  • Youngest batsman to make a Test century on debut for India.
  • Highest individual score in an innings by an Indian in minor cricket: 546 off 330 balls (2013-14).
  • Captain of India’s U-19 World Cup-winning team in 2018.


  • Has faced disciplinary action for violating BCCI’s anti-doping code in 2019.
  • Has been criticized for his fitness and fielding lapses.
  • Has been involved in off-field incidents that have affected his image.

Current Form:

  • Shaw is currently playing for Mumbai in domestic cricket and Delhi Capitals in the IPL.
  • He is struggling to regain his form and consistency, leading to questions about his future in the Indian team.

Future Prospects:

  • Shaw remains a talented batsman with immense potential.
  • However, he needs to overcome his inconsistencies and off-field issues to reach his full potential and cement his place in the Indian team.

Interesting Facts:

  • Shaw is a big fan of Rohit Sharma and tries to emulate his batting style.
  • He is also a good singer and enjoys listening to music.
  • Shaw is known for his bubbly personality and dedication to the game.


Q1: Why did Delhi Capitals retain Prithvi Shaw despite his poor performance?

A1: Delhi Capitals’ decision to retain Shaw suggests that the franchise sees potential in his abilities and believes in his capacity for a comeback.

Q2: What is the significance of the IPL 2024 mini-auction?

A2: The mini-auction is a crucial event where teams can make strategic changes to their squads by bidding for players who are not retained by their previous franchises.

Q3: How has Prithvi Shaw performed in previous IPL seasons?

A3: In his IPL career, Prithvi Shaw has played 71 matches, scoring 1162 runs at an average of 23.9, with 13 half-centuries.

Q4: What challenges does Prithvi Shaw face in the upcoming IPL season?

A4: Shaw faces the challenge of proving himself on the field and overcoming the recent criticism regarding his fitness, as another subpar performance could jeopardize his place in the Delhi Capitals squad.

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In conclusion, Prithvi Shaw‘s journey in the IPL has taken another intriguing turn, with Delhi Capitals banking on his potential for the upcoming season. The weight-related trolling adds a layer of complexity, making Shaw’s performance in the IPL 2024 a focal point of discussion among fans and cricket enthusiasts. As the excitement builds for the tournament, all eyes will be on Shaw’s comeback and Delhi Capitals’ strategy for a successful campaign.

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