How the Rishabh Pant is Preparing Himself for the 2024 IPL?

Rishabh Pant. Pix: Google
Rishabh Pant. Pix: Google

In a recent revelation, Delhi Capitals’ Director of Cricket, Sourav Ganguly, has expressed confidence in Rishabh Pant’s imminent return to cricketing action. Pant, who faced a life-altering car accident in December 2022, is gearing up for a comeback and potential leadership role in the 2024 IPL season. Let’s delve into the latest fitness update from the star cricketer and explore his journey to recovery.

Rishabh Pant’s Fitness Journey Unveiled

Pant’s journey to recovery has been nothing short of inspiring. The nightmare of a horrific car accident kept him away from competitive cricket for nearly a year. However, recent glimpses into his fitness regimen suggest that Pant is determined to make a remarkable comeback. Sourav Ganguly’s earlier assurance of Pant leading Delhi Capitals in the 2024 IPL season adds to the anticipation surrounding his return.

A Glimpse into Pant’s Fitness Routine

A video shared on Pant’s official Instagram account provides a sneak peek into his rigorous fitness routine. The 26-year-old cricketer can be seen lifting weights, cycling, and engaging in various exercises at the gym. The caption accompanying the post, “Bouncing back anew with every rep,” reflects Pant’s commitment to reclaiming his spot on the cricket field.

The Aftermath of the Horrific Accident

Pant’s car accident, which occurred while he was driving from Delhi to Roorkee, is etched in cricketing history as a terrifying incident. The collision with a divider left Pant with serious injuries, necessitating multiple surgeries and an extensive rehabilitation process. Miraculously, he survived the ordeal and has been steadily progressing in his recovery.


Ganguly’s Confidence in Rishabh Pant’s Comeback

Sourav Ganguly’s statements regarding Pant’s well-being and potential return to the 2024 IPL season indicate a positive outlook. The former India captain believes that Pant is in a good place, dispelling doubts about his cricketing future. The decision to retain Pant for the upcoming IPL season further reinforces the confidence the team management has in his capabilities.

About Rishabh Pant

Early life and career:

  • Where was Rishabh Pant born?
    • Rishabh Pant was born on October 4, 1997, in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India.
  • How did Rishabh Pant get into cricket?
    • Rishabh Pant’s father, Mangesh, was a passionate cricket fan and introduced him to the sport at a young age. Rishabh quickly developed a love for the game and began playing competitively at a local level. He showed exceptional talent and dedication and soon caught the attention of coaches and selectors.
  • When did Rishabh Pant make his first-class debut?
    • Rishabh Pant made his first-class debut for Delhi in the 2015-16 Ranji Trophy season. He was just 18 years old at the time.
  • What are some of Rishabh Pant’s early achievements?
    • In his debut Ranji Trophy season, Rishabh Pant scored 928 runs in eight matches, including a triple-century against Maharashtra. This score made him the third-youngest batsman ever to score a triple-century in the Ranji Trophy.
    • He was also a key member of the Indian team that won the 2016 Under-19 World Cup. In the tournament, he scored 267 runs at a strike rate of over 100.

International career:

  • When did Rishabh Pant make his Test debut for India?
    • Rishabh Pant made his Test debut for India against England in 2018. He was 20 years old at the time.
  • What is Rishabh Pant’s highest Test score?
    • Pant’s highest Test score is 150, which he scored against England in 2018.
  • What is Rishabh Pant’s best performance in a Test series?
    • Pant’s best performance in a Test series came against Australia in 2021. He scored 274 runs in the series, including crucial centuries in Sydney and Brisbane. This helped India win the series 2-1.
  • How has Rishabh Pant performed in white-ball cricket?
    • Pant has also played white-ball cricket for India, including ODIs and T20Is. He has not yet cemented his place in the white-ball teams, but he has shown glimpses of his talent, such as his fastest T20I fifty in 2017.

Playing style and strengths:

  • What is Rishabh Pant’s batting style?
    • Pant is an aggressive left-handed batsman who is known for his ability to hit sixes and score quickly. He is also a talented wicket-keeper.
  • What are Rishabh Pant’s biggest strengths?
    • Pant’s biggest strengths are his power-hitting ability, his confidence, and his ability to play under pressure.
  • What are some of Rishabh Pant’s weaknesses?
    • Pant can sometimes be inconsistent and prone to shot-selection errors. He is also still young and learning his trade at the international level.

Personal life:

  • Who is Pant dating?
    • Rishabh Pant is currently dating Isha Negi, an entrepreneur and interior designer.
  • What are Pant’s hobbies and interests?
    • Rishabh Pant enjoys traveling, playing video games, and spending time with his family and friends.

FAQs About Pant’s Comeback

1. Will Pant Lead Delhi Capitals in the 2024 IPL?

Sourav Ganguly’s confirmation of Pant’s leadership role in the upcoming IPL season suggests that fans can expect to see Pant donning the captain’s hat for Delhi Capitals.

2. How has Pant Recovered from the Car Accident?

Pant underwent multiple surgeries and a rigorous rehabilitation process, demonstrating remarkable progress in his recovery. His recent fitness videos indicate a focused and determined approach.

3. What are Pant’s Aspirations for the 2024 T20 World Cup?

Despite missing out on several tournaments post the accident, Pant aims to be fully fit for the 2024 T20 World Cup, showcasing his ambition to contribute to India’s success on the global stage.

4. When Rishabh Pant will return? 

Pant could be back in the main stream cricket in the IPL 2024.

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As Pant continues his journey to regain full fitness, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await his return to the 22 yards. The video updates and Sourav Ganguly’s affirmations paint a promising picture of Pant’s determination and resilience. The 2024 IPL season holds the potential for a triumphant return, and Pant’s fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a spectacular comeback by the star cricketer. Only time will reveal the full extent of Pant’s resurgence, but one thing is for certain – the cricketing world is eagerly anticipating his return

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