Virat at 35: A Comparative Analysis with Sachin Tendulkar

Virat at 35: A Comparative Analysis with Sachin Pix: Google
Virat at 35: A Comparative Analysis with Sachin Pix: Google

Where was Sachin and where is Virat at 35?

By surpassing Tendulkar, Kohli is now the new ‘God’ of cricket fans! The cry of ‘Sachin, Sachin’ on the cricket field has changed over the years to ‘Virat, Virat’. Earlier, when Rahul Dravid was out, the moment of silence would have changed to see a five-foot-five-inch man walk into the field with the bat. The same scenario is seen now when Rohit Sharma or Shubman Gill are out. The whole field roared with great sound.

Virat Kohli turned 35 on Sunday. And this day he will play against South Africa in Eden. On this birthday of Virat, the whole world is scrambling to find the answer to a single question. Is the new God of cricket overshadowed by the previous God?

Virat at 35: Breaking Down the Numbers

According to several former cricketers, Virat will break Sachin’s record of 49 centuries in one-day cricket in this World Cup. Sunil Gavaskar said, “Virat will score his 50th century at the Eden Gardens against South Africa. Because that day is Virat’s birthday. So there couldn’t have been a better stage for Sachin to topple. The joy of this century in front of the visitors of Eden is also much greater.” Virat now has 48 centuries in ODI cricket. So even if he can’t beat Sachin in Eden, Virat has a chance to touch him.

At the age of 35, Sachin scored 16,361 runs in ODI cricket. Virat at 35 years of age, scored 13,525 runs. But it should be remembered that Sachin had played 407 one-day innings on that day. Virat played 275 there. So the runs are less than Sachin but the average is much higher. Sachin’s average of 35 was 44.33. Virat’s 58.04 there. That is, Virat could have surpassed Sachin if he played the same match.

 Sachin vs Kohli: A Continent-wise Battle

Sachin made his ODI debut against Pakistan. The team with which the war is eternal on the cricket field of India. Political reasons which from time to time get another dimension. The 35-year-old Sachin played 64 one-day innings against Pakistan. Did 2381. Average 39.68. At that time the bilateral series was ongoing between the two countries. But during Virat India-Pakistan matches are played only in multi-nation competitions.

So Virat at 35 years of age has only 16 innings to play in one day of cricket against Pakistan. Scored 678 runs. Average 52.15. Even after playing so many innings against Pakistan, Sachin’s century tally remained at five till the age of 35. Virat has scored hundreds in three out of 16 matches there. It should be noted that Virat’s highest innings (183) in ODI cricket is against Pakistan.

It is said that how good an Indian batsman is can be understood when he plays on the soil of Australia, England, South Africa, and New Zealand. Sachin played 39 innings in one-day cricket in Australia. Scored 1348 runs. Average 37.44. It can be said that Virat has surpassed Sachin’s score of 35 there. Because Virat scored 1327 runs by playing 10 innings less than Sachin. Average 51.03. Sachin is far behind Virat in the number of hundreds. 35-year-old Sachin scored only one century in one-day cricket on Australian soil. Virat made five.

Virat has again played more innings than Sachin on the soil of England. Sachin scored 1051 runs in 26 innings. Virat scored 1349 runs in 33 innings. Although the average is much higher. Sachin scored 1414 runs in 35 innings on South African soil. Average 40.40. Virat scored 993 runs in 18 innings. Average 76.38. Sachin scored 577 runs in 19 innings in New Zealand. Average 30.36. Virat scored 596 runs in 13 innings. Average 49.66.

Head-to-Head: Sachin va Kohli in Numbers

Has Virat left Sachin far behind in one-day cricket? Here too Sachin’s 35 is much ahead of Virat in the number of matches. Sachin scored 11,782 runs in 238 innings. Virat played 187 innings. Scored 8676 runs. Sachin’s average is 55.31. Virat’s average is 49.29. Sachin is far ahead of Virat in the number of centuries. The Mumbaikar scored 39 hundreds. Delhi’s Virat scored 29 hundreds.

Sachin and Virat played together for five years. They have played together in 17 matches in one-day cricket. Sachin scored 835 runs in those matches. Virat scored 1159 runs with four centuries. They played together in 31 Tests. Sachin is slightly ahead of Virat there. Sachin scored 1352 runs. Virat scored 1347 runs. Although the mean (51.80) is higher. Both scored five hundred each in those 31 Tests.

 Changing Times: The Evolution of Cricket

Many things have changed over time. Pacers like Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Walker Younis, Wasim Akram, and Shoaib Akhtar had to handle Sachin. Sachin’s struggle was against spinners like Abdul Qadir, Shane Warne, and Muttiah Muralitharan. None of the bowlers that Virat has handled are equal to the bowlers of Sachin’s time. Again, during Sachin’s time, the fielder arrangement rules were different.

During Virat’s time, cricket was very much a batsman’s game. Two new balls are now played from either end. Reverse swing in white ball cricket is almost non-existent. That is why Walker, who made his Test debut in the same match as Sachin, said, “Cricket has changed. The pitch is much better now. Now a lot of shots are played in cricket, which were not seen before. So it is not possible to compare Virat with Sachin. Different generation, different era. T20 cricket has arrived. So it is not possible to compare cricketers of two different eras.”

Yet the comparison comes. Because the people who made Sachin the god of cricket have chosen Virat as their new idol. So we are looking at whether Virat could take Sachin’s place or not. And here comes the question between Virat and Sachin who has more match-winning innings?

The ‘Chase Master’ vs the Master Blaster

Virat can leave Sachin far behind in this fight. Sachin’s game of 35 has seen India win 206 ODIs (out of 417 matches). India won 177 of the 288 ODIs played by Virat at 35 years of age. Virat is way ahead in win percentage. Virat likes to chase runs. Can play big innings in big matches. And so the great ‘Chase Master’. Be it an innings of 82 runs against Pakistan in the T20 World

Cup or 95 runs against New Zealand in the ODI World Cup. Virat loves to play match-winning innings. In this World Cup, the century also came against Bangladesh by batting later. Most of Sachin’s big innings are batted first. Although Sachin fans will remember his innings of 143 in Sharjah with back pain. The 35-year-old will land in Eden on Sunday. World Cup match. South Africa is ahead.

Virat in form will make a hundred in that match? Hopeful supporters. Also, there will be an invisible battle for Virat against Sachin. Sometimes it is in hundreds, sometimes it is in runs. After winning the World Cup 12 years ago, Viratara carried Sachin on his shoulders. Will Virat be seen on the shoulders of teammates after winning the World Cup in Ahmedabad this year? Virat fans, and probably Sachin fans too, are waiting to see this scene.

FAQ: Will Virat be able to beat Sachin?

Q1:Will Virat be able to surpass Sachin’s record of 49 centuries in one-day cricket?

A: According to cricket experts, Virat has a high chance of achieving this milestone, and Virat at 35th birthday match against South Africa in Eden Gardens is seen as a potential stage for this accomplishment.

Q2: How does Virat’s performance at 35 compare to Sachin’s?

A: Virat at 35 years of age has scored 13,525 runs at an average of 58.04 in 275 innings, whereas Sachin had scored 16,361 runs at an average of 44.33 in 407 innings by the age of 35. The comparison showcases Virat’s higher average in fewer innings.

Q3: How do Virat and Sachin’s performances vary in different cricketing nations?

A: Virat has excelled in countries like Australia, England, South Africa, and New Zealand, surpassing Sachin’s scores in some instances. The statistics reveal Virat’s adaptability and success across various cricketing conditions.

Q4: In terms of match-winning performances, who has the edge between Sachin and Virat at 35 years of age?

A: Virat has shown a remarkable ability to contribute to match-winning performances, particularly in ODIs, with a higher win percentage than Sachin. His inclination towards chasing runs and delivering in crucial situations has earned him the title of the ‘Chase Master.’

Q5: How has cricket evolved, impacting the comparison between Sachin and Virat at 35 years of age?

A: Cricket has undergone significant changes, with differences in playing conditions, rules, and the overall dynamics of the game. Experts emphasize that comparing players from different eras, such as Virat and Sachin, is challenging due to these evolving factors.

Q6: What makes the comparison between Sachin and Virat at 35 significant?

A: Both Virat and Sachin have been hailed as cricketing legends, with Sachin being regarded as the ‘God of Cricket.’ The comparison arises from the transition of cricketing idols, where Virat is seen as the successor chosen by fans who once idolized Sachin.

Q7: Will Virat be able to lead the team to victory in the World Cup?

A: The anticipation is high, and fans are eager to witness Virat’s performance in the upcoming World Cup. The question remains whether Virat, at 35, can lead the team to victory and potentially carve his legacy alongside or beyond Sachin.

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In conclusion, the journey of Virat at 35 reflects not only his achievements but also the inevitable comparisons with the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. As fans eagerly await Virat’s 50th century and potential World Cup success, the legacy of ‘Sachin, Sachin gradually transforms into the era of ‘Virat, Virat.’

The cricketing world is witnessing a shift in the narrative, and the question lingers – will Virat surpass Sachin and become the new icon of Indian cricket? The answer unfolds with each inning, each match, and each milestone in Virat’s remarkable career.

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