Deepak Hooda bounces back from darkness and uncertainty

Deepak Hooda called back again to the Indian team after almost five years of being ignored. But these years were not easy for Deepak. Even a year ago, the word’s uncertainty, darkness, and controversy was been easily added to his name. after all those black days, Deepak Hooda returned to his glory. The doors of … Read more

The future of Pujara and Rahane is uncertain in team India

Pujara and Rahane have been flops for a long time. They could not make runs in most of the matches except a few innings. Hanuma Bihari and Shreyas Iyer can replace them and play in third and fifth place in the test batting line-up. Pujara and Rahane: Background The Indian team got off to a … Read more

Debut for Indian team in 2021 who became the star

In 2021, the Indian team has brought one star after another to the cricket field. Many have impressed the cricket world with their debut in theĀ  Indian team jersey. 2021 has been eventful in Indian cricket. Just as India played in the final of the World Test Championship, the Indian team has won the series … Read more

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